KCN Digest: ShadowCash –Umbra, messenger and 1 millionth block

ShadowCash, project aims to create an all-in-one software platform for a completely private, decentralized, and free economy, has forged 1 millionth block. BTCmanager reports: Shadowcash Project announced Umbra, a privacy platform incorporating their wallet for SDC and Shadowchat, the decentralized, encrypted messaging network powered by SDC. Also, with the Umbra client, the Shadow Project has introduced another new […]

Bitcoin price drops $200 after new ruling from Chinese regulators

The price of bitcoin fell sharply after Chinese regulators announced a ban on organizations from raising funds using initial coin offerings (ICOs). ICOs allow start-ups to raise investment by selling new cryptocurrencies, which are similar to bitcoin, in return for cash. However, the People’s Bank of China says this practice, which has become popular around the world as […]

NullTX – Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Rises to $6,600

hey guys this is Mark from NullTX and today we’ll be talking about Bitcoin so currently bitcoin is trading at six thousand six hundred and forty seven dollars up about three hundred dollars in the past 24 hours so we are off to a great start this week the Bulls are showing their presence and our next resistance […]

How to Predict Bitcoin’s Price Using Tether

Want to know where Bitcoin’s price is headed? Surprisingly, one answer might lie in a crypto coin called Tether. Tether, USDT, is a cryptocurrency that’s ostensibly pegged to the US dollar. But its value actually fluctuates against the dollar as Tether adds and subtracts tokens from its supply, and there’s a strong correlation between those events and the […]

The Cryptal Show – Episode 21: Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Predictions

stay we know Bitcoin might been a poster child of cryptocurrency but reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian actually thinks that the second most popular cryptocurrency aetherium will emerge as a real winner this year in an interview in Fortune Ohanian actually said at least bullish on aetherium simply because people are building on it and Bitcoin has been struggling […]

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