V SYSTEMS Introduction

We are V Systems! Blockchain opens up the centralised system to a safer decentralised environment Currently we’re seeing a lack of blockchain applications in the market for businesses in leveraging blockchain and scalability Which are two of the biggest challenges making the technology difficult to utilise V Systems is created to transform the industry Sunny King the creator […]

Restaurant POS System

introducing restaurant expressed from pcAmerica’s Delaer Compro Boston the revolutionary point of sale system that allows you to fully computerized your restaurant today’s leading establishment are watching restaurant parks press increase efficiency and accuracy reduced baths and lower costs with western parts prestigious one-touch away from based in your bottom line your fine dining establishment maybe more fast […]

What is Peercoin?

The world-changing advent of cryptocurrency is just beginning empowering users to send, receive and store value without needing a bank or payment provider. However, with so many Bitcoin copycats popping up, finding real innovation is more important than ever. Peercoin stands above the crowd as innovative and unique. Most coins use “Proof of Work” (or mining) to maintain […]

Target faces technological difficulties, cash registers malfunction the day before Father’s Day

shopping for Father’s Day and we heard two people arguing and stuff. Next thing you know, we heard seven shots so I got my wife and daughter out of there.” ((VO)) WITNESSES SAID SHOPPERS COULD NOT GET THROUGH THE EMERGENCY DOORS, SO EVERYONE HAD TO GET OUT THROUGH THE FRONT ENTRANCE. ((CHRISTIAN/OTS)) THE DAY BEFORE FATHERS DAY –TARGET […]

Crypto News: Binance Hack Funds SAFU! Ethereum PoS, Apollo Currency, Metamorph DEX

what's up everyone this is Tony but journey to 100k and welcome to another daily crypto news video I'm doing these Monday to Friday now so please subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when these are released I find all the most important crypto news in the space in bring it to you in one short […]


hey everyone welcome to the channel I hope you're doing well and in this video I want to give you an update of how my cryptocurrency mining is going how much our money today and also tomorrow and hopefully with this video inspire you to do the same thing guys and maybe even surpass me because I've only […]

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