How To Be A Bitcoin Billionaire?! What’s Next For CryptoCurrency? | What’s Trending Now!

Bitcoin, the entirely-digital currency, has hit a record high in value, but could the bubble burst at any moment? Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Martini Beerman. Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more news. Bitcoin just hit a record high of $11,000 per coin. That is a lot of dollars. According to market watchers, in January, […]

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin: Can you invest now? | BidAndAsk

Today we are going to talk about the most loved and hated topic, which is… Cryptocurrencies. We have invited Chris Long, who is the trainer of the CryptoKnight Armor Series, to share with us his views about the trends in Cryptocurrencies. Hi Chris, so how did you get started in Cryptocurrency? I was actually working in a bank […]


Bonjour à tous bienvenue dans cette sixième vidéo d’ analyse sur l’équipe tôt comme vous l’avez constaté la semaine dernière il n’y a pas eu de vidéos les analyses ont été directement posté sur le twitter alors cette semaine nous risquons d’avoir pas mal d’opportunités intéressantes dont le bitcoin en fait partie comme vous pouvez le constater le […]

Market data of any cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ether, …) into Excel (Macro included)

Good day everyone! Today I would like to show you, how you can get all types of market data of any cryptocurrency into Excel. If you only care about the current price then I would recommend to watch another video of mine. There the macro is slightly simpler to set up. Just click on the i-symbol on the […]


Bienvenue dans cette nouvelle vidéo d’ analyse de marché sur les cryptes de monnaie alors cette semaine cette vidéo d’analysé est relativement rapide étant donné qu’il s’est pas passé grand chose alors on va commencer comme d’habitude par le bitcoin alors le bitcoin se trouve toujours au sein de son prix yang le symétrique là on voit que […]

90% Cryptocurrency Channels are Scams!

Hey there! It’s STIPS FinTech, the fairest cryptocurrency channel. I’m Nikita Kutsenko. Our team has studied tens of various Russian YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrency. Frankly speaking, 90% of them (just as 90% of cryptocurrencies traded) are scams. There are 4 categories of such channels: 1. A bored swanky guy, living in Maldives or driving Maserati, tells about […]

Tutorial | Adding custom ERC20 cryptocurrency tokens to My Ether Wallet

hey there guys my name is beau and welcome to my channel cryptocurrency Australia. In this tutorial we’re going to go through how to add a custom token on to my ether wallet. Now the reason you might do this is because you could have just participated in an ICO, you’ve sent some funds from my ether wallet […]


Hello everybody Welcome to Blockchain Brazil Channel. I am Douglas and I have Andre here with me and Alex He is a Cosmos Developer and he is going to talk a little bit about the project and Andre will start with some questions. First of all, thank you for taking your time here with us. It’s an honor […]

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