Elon Musk Tweets “Ethereum”! Nasdaq Ripple XRP Index! Cryptocurrency News + Bitcoin BTC Trading

what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we’ve got another killer video if you guys full of information say are we talking about Elon Musk tweeting about cryptocurrency again we’re also gonna be talking about Nasdaq adding in XRP index as well as tons of other news that went on in the […]

Bitcoin or Gold?

Wednesday June 26 2009 teen from an echo 64 home of alternative economics and contrarian views this morning I want to talk about crypto currencies specifically Bitcoin and precious metals and gold what I think about both many comments I get is you know gold is not doing anything I'll have a look at Bitcoin and I do […]

Bitcoin To Crash Or Pass $10,000 Soon? 3 Experts Share Their Opinion

hey what's up welcome to today's video today I'm going to share with you an update on Bitcoin price which is just pumping nine thousand three hundred and sixty one dollars I'm going to share with you an update on my position which is reaching some very nice profits to be honest which I increased yesterday last night […]

TradeTalks: Creating Standards for the Digital Asset Class

good morning welcome back to Nasdaq trade talks to my host Jill Malandrino global market reporter at Nasdaq joining meat market site we have Richard rosenbloom he is the co-founder and head of GSR we're gonna focus on creating standards for the digital asset class thank you so much for joining us at market sight today now tell […]

Wyckoff Gives Us Another Nice Buy at $7,660! Now what? Cryptocurrency TA!

hey what's going on quick update Bitcoin having a nice rally off of our buy signal hopefully everything's cool if everybody can hear me let me do a couple of things here what's up Tammy Oliver is head and shoulders yeah I'm sure a lot people gonna be saying that but I the ride 8500 replied give us […]

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