Bitcoin’s Low Volatility, Bakkt (Almost a Unicorn), China’s Crypto Rankings | Crypto Markets

Bitcoin is seeing low volatility at the moment and this is, generally speaking, a good thing for crypto. The more the volatility the less it’s able to be used as a store of value. So to see these type of flat movements is, at the end of the day, good thing. Is it fair value by nature? Yes. […]

Bitcoin Cash One Year Later

today is the one-year anniversary of the Bitcoin independence day that took place on August 1st 2017 since that day the Bitcoin Cash BCH network and community have had a very productive year as the decentralized cryptocurrency has celebrated a ton of milestones including successful networked upgrades massive merchant adoption and a wide variety of applications built using […]

ECOMI ICO Fintech & Wallet Review – Free Crypto Analysis & Best Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin Nears $4.2K, Can it Sustain Positive Momentum? | Crypto Markets

We’ve been seeing a lot of momentum in the crypto market lately. As we discussed it’s altseason at the moment. So Bitcoin is going up kind of gradually. Some of the altcoins are outperforming a bit. The key level to watch out for today is $4,200, this white dotted line. If we zoom out on the charts though […]

Mati Greenspan: “New Crypto Bull Market? $5,350 – New Bitcoin’s Resistance Level” | Crypto Markets

So at this point there’s an argument among the community: if we’ve snapped the bear market, have we entered the bull market. Nobody is extremely certain of that at the moment. What I can tell you is that last Tuesday’s surge was indeed significant. And we’re now testing a new resistance line exactly at $5,350. If we zoom […]

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