I Just Sold My Altcoins. Facebook Changed The Game. Here Is Why! [What Is Libra Coin?]

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is Aaron I just sold a lot of my alt coins for a couple different reasons and I'm gonna tell you which alt coins I sold in this video I make sure you watch the whole video today so you can fully understand my thought process and also […]

Why Facebook's cryptocurrency could threaten privacy and competition

first of all do you trust Mark Zuckerberg with anything around privacy at this point after years and years of these revelations and second of all it's a bit of a red herring so it's entirely possible let's take facebook at their word that the financial data and the social data will be separate well in order to […]

Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks on Cryptocurrency – 06/19/2019

Nancy Marshall cancer with marketplace share Paul are you concerned that new digital currencies could undermine the Fed and and erode your power to influence the economy and did anyone from Facebook talk with anyone at the Fed before Libre was unveiled this week so on your specific question of digital currencies replacing central bank currencies I think […]

Facebook LIBRA Explained! Coin Cryptocurrency – is BITCOIN doomed?

hello everyone today we will talk about facebook Libre the new cryptocurrency from Facebook and I will explain everything what you need to know to make your investment decision and let's go okay so the name of the newest kid on the block in digital the currency market will be Cuba Libre wait no that was something else […]

Facebook STOCK INVESTORS are about to get RICH with LIBRA (Crypto Coin)

hey guys Andre here exciting news because tomorrow Facebook is set to make a huge huge announcement senator we run ads and they're finally entering the world of MySpace I don't mean myspace is in MySpace I mean the world of finance this is why it's so important for every one of us should leave that similar why […]