Lawmakers skeptical of Facebook’s cryptocurrency

-Facebook is dangerous. Now, Facebook might not intend to be dangerous, but surely, they don’t respect the power of the technologies they are playing with. Like a toddler who has gotten his hands on a book of matches, Facebook has burned down the house over and over and called every arson a learning experience. -By setting up Libra […]

Facebook’s Libra coin: the truth behind the hype

Facebook has announced its new Libra coin to much fanfare and media attention. But it’s fair to say that we at Alphaville remain sceptical. So we’ve started a series called ‘breaking the Zuck buck’, in which we examine Mark Zuckerberg’s new baby and explain what we think is wrong with it. Myth number one. A ‘blockchain’ is what […]

Why Facebook is Building a City

This video is sponsored by CuriositySteam. Watch over 2,400 documentaries free for 31 days with the link in the description. South of San Francisco, in Menlo Park, the heart of Silicon Valley, lie a series of unremarkable offices. They have creative names like “Building 57”, “Building 40”, and wait for it! none other than the Employment Development Department! […]

Facebook’s Libra and Calibra: Crypto in your pocket | TECH(feed)

Hey everyone welcome back to tech feed i’m juliet beauchamp. Today, let’s talk crypto. As more big tech companies get in the cryptocurrency game, we all may be paying with crypto sooner than you think. Stick around. All right–let’s first dive into facebook’s newly announced cryptocurrency, libra. Yes, i am trying very hard not to make an astrology […]

Libre Not Libra: Facebook's Blockchain Project, Andreas M. Antonopoulos

so I think you probably all are thinking the same thing you have a burning question I felt like I wouldn't be able to do the rest of my speaking tour without first addressing the burning question and I got bombarded on Twitter today everyone has the same basic question right and that is have I tasted haggis […]

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Coin and Bitcoin Named National Security Risk.

hey what's going on everyone just went to do a quick warning update it's been a little bit wanted to let everyone know where I've been what's going on and a little bit of look at the markets so I've been out in Vegas for the World Series of Poker as you know thanks to special sponsor ultra […]

U.S. Government Prepares First Speech Ever About Bitcoin & Facebook: Why Are They So Concerned Now?

hello everyone and welcome back to Kryptos news so as I sit here I just finished watching secretary Treasury secretary minutia talk about cryptocurrency in an emergency meeting and I have so many thoughts I just have to kind of get off my chest here man it just reminds me you have by buying Bitcoin but getting involved […]

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