­čö┤Financial Crisis Indicators Hiding in Plain Sight (w/ Peter Atwater)

PETER ATWATER: I can remember writing- shortly after Trump was elected, he has to placate his base. And he has to placate the markets. And their interests are mutually exclusive. This is a time where small localized individuals have far greater power than those at the center. My freshman class this spring- they do not see 2018 the […]

­čö┤ The Levels That Matter for the S&P 500 (w/John Kolovos)

Welcome to real visions trade ideas today. We’re sitting down with John Kohler voz of macro risk advisors It is great to have you back. Thank you for having me So I’d like to get your take on the current market environment to start out with sure so equities boy I mean What a what a pullback we’ve […]

Bitcoin Will Replace Gold & Other Predictions Explained (w/ Barry Silbert & Raoul Pal)

BARRY SILBERT: Younger generation investors do not view gold the same way that my parents or grandparents did. There are still very few break out examples of how blockchain can or will be used for non-speculative, non-financial use cases. The thoroughness that you see in other asset class research does not yet exist. If history repeats, which doesn’t […]

Jim Rogers on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency [Ep. 15]

Well, the blockchain has a great future. Blockchain is changing everything we know. It's going to change even more.Blockchain is going to put … A lot of people will lose their jobsbecause of blockchain, but a lot of people lost their jobs because of electricity. And electricity turned out to bea good thing for all of us. Likewise […]

FMM 2018: Ester Faia – Digital currency price dynamics

okay so thanks a lot for inviting me to give talk to this very interesting and open-minded conference initially you actually asked me to talk about financial stability regulation and then you know having next to me the great mind of regulation was Martin I'd hurt I should differentiate a little bit and I'm focusing the talk and […]