Is the Next “Killer App” Actually Bitcoin? | The Crypto Lark & The Moon

I believe that Bitcoin can easily surpass the market cap of gold. I think one of the big thing is going to just blow it out of the $#% for cryptocurrencies is going to be gaming. I see a huge potential for Bitcoin to become the new form of money. I have no sympathy for Facebook or for […]

Roger Ver – Bitcoin Cash: Maximalism, Censorship & Nouriel Roubini reaction

it seems like you’re not a maximalist like many people these days and speaking of which I’ve never been even even like back in 2011 people said well what if somebody makes something better than Bitcoin I told my I hope they do because then we all get to use it but Bitcoin itself is amazing right now […]

Could Libra’s aim be to become a new World Central Bank?

Hi it’s Keir Finlow-Bates here. So earlier today I posted a short post noting that we may end up in a situation where countries actually hold Facebook’s Libra coins as reserves, at which point Libra would actually be a self-stabilizing stable coin in that it would be stabilized by the fact that the coin itself was being held […]

Lawmakers grill Zuckerberg on cryptocurrency, false claims in political ads

JUDY WOODRUFF: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrived on Capitol Hill in Washington today, and was put on the hot seat about mounting concerns from Republicans and Democrats. Amna Nawaz has the story. And, for the record, we should note, the “PBS NewsHour” produces some content as part of a business relationship with Facebook. AMNA NAWAZ: It’s the first […]

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