Hardware Wallet Hack: Ledger Nano S – f00dbabe

The Ledger Nano S is a Cryptocurrency hardware wallet based on a secure element for storing cryptocurrencies, embedding a screen to check and secure digital payments. And also they have these information sheets where they proudly write: “Did you notice? There is no anti-tampering sticker on this box. A cryptographic mechanism checks the integrity of your Ledger device’s […]

Hardware Wallet vs Malware. Demo of Electrum Phishing & Clipboard Malware (Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey)

So I’m gonna do something a bit different today on crypto scam watch and I want to have a look at the Electrum malware versus a hardware wallet so as you can see we have the newest official version of Electrum that is still susceptible to the full rich text phishing experience. All righty let’s get phished! We’ll […]

Locating Crypto in Electrum: Why Ledger Live (Or Trezor) Accounts can be Hard to Find. BTC, LTC, BCH

so in this video I’m just gonna have a look at a wallet that can be used as an alternative to ledger live for a variety of different cryptocurrencies and there might be a bunch of reasons why you find yourself needing to use this alternative perhaps you’re having issues with ledger live for whatever reason perhaps you’ve […]

Hostile Wallet Software. Fake Ledger Live, Fake Trezor Wallet, Electrum Phishing & Fake Mobile Apps

so today on crypto scam once we’re gonna be looking at scammy wallets software and this is really important because your wallet is the most important part of you being able to hold crypto period so we’re never look at some examples of some different scams that have been out in the wild we’re gonna have a look […]


Hello everybody Welcome to Blockchain Brazil Channel. I am Douglas and I have Andre here with me and Alex He is a Cosmos Developer and he is going to talk a little bit about the project and Andre will start with some questions. First of all, thank you for taking your time here with us. It’s an honor […]

Ledger vs. Trezor Review | Which is the best Cryptocurrency Wallet?

what is going on one SunnyD crew here today I'm gonna present you the comparison between the two cryptocurrency Hardware wallet market leaders one of them is Letcher and the other one is treasurer but before that as always I'm gonna give away 0.01 Bitcoin to one lucky winner of the last video and the winner is Jayden […]

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