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Blockchain Protected Votes | Ask An Expert | Singularity University

—to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Not ours, yours, theirs. Thank you for joining— Mark it. Hey, I am Pia Mancini from the Net Party and DemocracyOS. I’m here for Ask An Expert, the show where we take your questions from the Twittersphere about the topics we cover at SU. So Nirmal is asking if internet is the […]

Blockchain: Hope or Hype? – John Domingue & Sajida Zouarhi

[FUTURISTIC SOUND EFFECTS] So I’m John Domingue. Thank you very much for all of you coming here. Thanks a lot for the invitation. I’m the director of the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University, which acts like a corporate R&D centre. The OU has 175,000 students, and my job is to create new technologies which may be […]

Fermet Theorem and Eulers theorem – Cryptography lecture series

– now we are going to see former theorem and finest theorem let us start with the format theorem format theorem as otherwise called us Fermat's little theorem this theorem is widely used in public-key cryptosystems and in may various methods like primal T testing so let us see the theorem this theorem involves two numbers a number […]

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