Latest update to Bitcoin makes investors in the virtual currency anxious

Bitcoin investors are feeling anxious today after devolopers announced an update to the virtual currency. It had enjoyed a blistering first half of the year, where its value rose from around one-thousand U.S. dollars a coin at the start of the year, to near two-thousand five hundred at the end of June. But many experts have speculated Bitcoin’s […]

Bitcoin price surges above US $11,000 mark, highest in 15 months

The price of Bitcoin soared above the 11-thousand U.S. dollars on Monday,… the highest it’s been in 15 months. Reports say the surge is because of Facebook’s recently announced plans to launch it own cryptocurrency called Libra in 2020. The price of one Bitcoin hit a record of over 19-thousand dollars in late 2017,… but plummeted to around […]

11.19 The Next Recession 🆘 Bitcoin Price 5700 USD Crypto Market Stock Trump News BTC Current Events

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Interview with CEO Roger Ver

The debate continues on virtual currencies. Is it here to stay or will it fizzle out. What about government intervention, how much is too much? Regardless, there’s no denying the potential for it to accelerate technological innovation through peer-to-peer payment systems. Synonymous with the enigmatic phenomenon is Bitcoin To get a glimpse of the possible future of cryptocurrencies, […]

Bitcoin makes subdued debut on CME futures

Bitcoin has made a subdued debut onto the world’s largest futures exchange, as warnings over the digital currency become louder. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange became the second to offer bitcoin derivatives trading on Sunday and was hailed as the moment bitcoin reached the investment mainstream. But, trading volumes in the CME and rival Chicago Board Options Exchange have […]

11.20 Crypto Trading Portfolio 💰 Bitcoin Price 5500 USD Cryptocurrency News Bittrex Cryptoverse BTC

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10.27 Technical Analysis⌚ Bitcoin Price 5780 Cryptocurrency News | #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #News #HOA

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Bitcoin plunge accelerates in last 24 hours

Bitcoin prices plunged sharply to below 11-thousand U.S. dollars on Friday;… the virtual currency shedding a third of its value in just 24 hours according to data from coindesk-dot-com. It later rebounded to 12-thousand dollars… but that’s still 25-percent lower than its price on Thursday morning. Prices had approached 20-thousand dollars as recently as Sunday. Experts say the […]

Bitcoin splits into two to create the new ‘Bitcoin cash’

The virtual currency, Bitcoin, has split into two,… generating a clone currency called ‘Bitcoin cash’. After the split on Tuesday, people who held Bitcoins before the split now have access to an equal amount of ‘Bitcoin Cash’ for free, and the new currency has all the original currency’s transaction history, as well as the same amount of coins. […]

The Dogecoin Quest

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