Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Good Investment? (Bitcoin Anyone?)

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from Today, we’re going to be talking about blockchains. Andrei says, “Blockchain. Is it the next big thing? What are the skillsets needed? Do you recommend studying it?” I’ll briefly talk about the investing side because I don’t think that—I mean yes, a lot of people have made a lot of […]

Interview with Jon COO of – Dash Digital Cash Brazil – LaBitConf 2017 Bogotá Colombia

[Music] hi everybody welcome to – deitrick – brazil I’m here today with John he’s the CEO of shape-shift John welcome to the program thank you for having me well I want to start first of all with a huge compliment to the shape-shift websites when I first started using crypto I made a mistake and I ended […]

How to Trade Crypto D22🔥💯 Bitcoin Explained Technical Analysis Bitconnect Bitstamp Bittrex ETH BTC

THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Cody do you sleep when do you sleep man? You’re on here more than me? Morning everybody So, thanks What’s going on big crypto hey Rhino how you doing man? Good morning everyone good morning top of the morning to ya hello You hear that I’m not a feeling Markets never sleep Nice as […]

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