Trader Cobb: Professional Crypto Trading, Strategies, Top 3 indicators & BS Technical analysis

my mentor helped me to develop and grow my strategies and and that’s really where it started now you’ve got that choice which is slow and you’ve just very difficult to get on a trading floor right it’s hard to get in there you gotta be pretty damn persistent I was or you can go along and actually […]

Declining Interest Rates as Central Banks Scramble to Prop Up the Stock Market (w/ David Rosenberg)

ED HARRISON: David Rosenberg, we’re here in your town, Toronto, talking to you about what’s happening, about the calls that you made before. But I want to talk also a little bit about Canada and, looking forward, whether or not it’s the same view. Last time we were talking, I think you were talking about defensives on the […]

When the Central Banks and Their Monetary Policy Aren’t Enough (w/ Christophe Ollari)

CHRISTOPHE OLLARI: I’m Christophe Ollari and I designed a few years ago a global macro, multi-currency, multi-asset research, and this after roughly 20 years of trading in banks and hedge fund. I think that just even before I’m looking at the details of the ECB package, I think what is very important, it’s a year ago, the ECB […]

CryTech mining in Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE) 2019 event, introduces tokenized crypto mining.

[Music] [Music] [Music] hello my name is Mahdi Tahsildari the project manager of CryTech mining project this is Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE) and we are here to introduce our product we have tokenized Bitcoin mining on an ERC-20 token and we are going to have an ICO in the upcoming months [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] our product’s name […]

Money Minute: Thursday 21 November

Good morning and welcome to Money Minute, where we preview the day’s biggest financial stories. Yesterday the Federal Reserve released minutes from its latest interest-rate setting meeting. Today, it’s the European Central Bank’s turn, and investors will probably be paying a lot more attention to the details of this particular debate. Christine Lagarde has just taken over as […]

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