Bitcoin é na Foxbit!

Conheci bitcoin, por um acaso, procurando na internet, quase literalmente, joguei “como ganhar dinheiro na internet” e apareceu bitcoin. Dali, conversando na comunidade mesmo tentando entender, foi quando eu tive mais contato com o Guto Schiavon. E aí a gente viu que as plataformas da época eram lentas, não eram transparentes, o suporte era ruim, e a gente […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Could governments take over exchanges?

QUESTIONER: Hi. So my question’s really if you look at, you know, back to FDR executive order 6102 confiscation of gold once this thing will happen – and I think it will eventually happen – what prevents the government, let’s say to take control of the exchanges which basically store all the information, who has what and then […]

Hashed Interview: Yat Siu, Animoca Brands, “We invest in games with blockchain technology.”

hello yeah so uh thank you for accepting your interview we’re very honored to have you our hash – yeah so to the audience’s who are not well aware of any mock up range could you briefly explain about you and your mocha brand sure honey mocha brands is a public game company in the city in Australia […]

Bitcoin Q&A: What is the biggest threat?

[ANDREAS] What are the biggest threats to Bitcoin? Bitcoin isn’t just a technology, it is also a community. One of the most effective ways of attacking that community is by spreading disinformation, creating dissent, arguments and drama. I would be surprised if Bitcoin is the first activist grassroots community that is not fully infiltrated… by a whole bunch […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Will governments ban cryptocurrencies?

[QUESTIONER:] According to what you said, Bitcoin is possibly going to be banned .. in the next year, or very strictly controlled. [ANDREAS:] In some places, yes. [QUESTIONER:] For instance, one of these places could be China. [ANDREAS:] Unlikely, but yes. [QUESTIONER:] Because they are really having a lot of problems, with many people converting .. their money […]

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