[Excerpt] What Facebook's digital currency Libra means for the aid sector

so to get us started Katherine I wonder if you wouldn't mind kicking us off by giving an overview of this new digital currency Libre and why it's getting so much attention right now sure happy to give an overview um and and the quick answer to why it's getting so much attention is the involvement of Facebook […]

ORMEUS ECOSYSTEM – Ormeus Cash and The Adoption of Cryptocurrency Payments

what's going to be the most popular currency in the next ten years is it going to be one of you or me as ecosystem currencies such as or miss cash the key lies in adoption and I'm here in Seoul South Korea to talk to you about adoption Seoul South Korea is the fourth largest country in […]

BIG NEWS! John McAfee Joins #Karatbars And Supports #KBC Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency!

all right greetings and peace family all right so a few days ago I did a video where I was talking about my disdain with people claiming that John McAfee was a part of care coin so forth and so on because they were just videos and people claiming things nobody had any proof even in my own […]

BIG NEWS! John McAfee Joins #Karatbars And Supports #KBC Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

yo yo yo Frank chilla here guess what guess what one of the foremost experts believers supporters aggressive supporters of cryptocurrency in the world John McAfee the creator of the antivirus software McAfee has joined karatbars international crazy crazy if this does not push you to join this company that I do not know I don't know what […]

Austin Powers THE MOLE

your chair doctor thank you oh thanks Wow now that's vital information I know it's amazing Oh Faysal what's happening baby a lot is happening foxy dr. evil has escaped the good news is that one of our agents has managed to infiltrate dr. Evil's organization excellent Bassel we've been trying for years to get a mole inside […]