Bitcoin é na Foxbit!

Conheci bitcoin, por um acaso, procurando na internet, quase literalmente, joguei “como ganhar dinheiro na internet” e apareceu bitcoin. Dali, conversando na comunidade mesmo tentando entender, foi quando eu tive mais contato com o Guto Schiavon. E aí a gente viu que as plataformas da época eram lentas, não eram transparentes, o suporte era ruim, e a gente […]

REVEALED: 1997 Steve Jobs Speech May As Well Be About Bitcoin TODAY… & Other Recent Crypto News

yes sir Steve what do we do about the press I mean the Wall Street Journal reporters get up in the morning sell Apple short and then go write stories about us and it's clear that it's a perception versus reality problem yeah they don't know about operating systems they don't know anything about tools they don't know […]


despite the down market despite low volume on exchanges and despite institutions and big players remaining relatively silent about all of this Bitcoin is being bought in mass from over-the-counter trading desks and today I have proof welcome back everybody to alt coin daily here at ulta coin daily you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going […]

Time To Buy Bitcoin ?

do something cat-back said it's launching again soon see nobody cares yeah I remember reading something about this yesterday my eyes glazed over I don't really remember what I read anyway right into the news should you buy right now did you wait there are plenty of positive indicators for making an assumption that it is a time […]