Vinay Gupta, Hexayurt.Capital | Blockchain: Ecology, State and Anarchy

(Music) (Music) (Applause) Vinay: Now my voice is a little weak today because I have a sore throat, so wish me luck. Thank you. Okay So, I want to start with a simple objective. We are in a world where our ability to solve the problems we have is constrained by our ability to innovate. Anybody that’s doing […]

Geopolitics of Vietnam

spanning in the easternmost coastline of Indochina the Socialist Republic of Vietnam occupies one of the most demanding physical environments imaginable from a policymaking standpoint a history of inviting foreign occupation and exploitation reveal that there is a fixed pattern in the geopolitics of Vietnam I’m your host Shivan and welcome to Caspian report before we continue many […]

Blockchain & Society: Can We Build the Good without Unleashing the Bad?

(Music) (Music) Greg: I have the honour of also introducing people who are invaluable to IPDB. First up we have Kei Kreutler who is with unMonastery, one of our caretakers and more recently with Gnosis as their Creative Director and Community Manager. (Applause) And we are also joined by Nina Siedler with DWF Law. She started her career […]

Blockchain Tech Can Redistribute Power and Erase Borders | Toni Lane Casserly

We live in a distributed Pangaea. I mean we’re all one continent once and what is a border? A border is like someone walking into your house with a can of gas and a gun and setting the can of gas down and looking at you and saying this is my house. And you’re like what? Me and […]

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