Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: Is the Future of Finance Decentralized? | Crypto DeFiance 2019

Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: these are not simply cryptocurrencies. They are the foundation of decentralized finance. DeFi aims to revolutionize the traditional financial system by empowering the individual and bypassing centralized intermediaries. Although these are still the early days of DeFi, innovation is happening fast. What can we take that’s centralized, make it decentralized and see some kind of […]


Welcome to Crypto Jargon, in this episode, I break down the terms in relation to cryptocurrency trading Let’s start with what do we mean by “Volatility”. You’ve surely heard it many times, that cryptocurrencies are very volatile. This refers to instability in their prices. Cryptocurrencies can experience significant price variations in short periods of time. On many occasions, […]


Welcome to Crypto Jargon, In this episode we break down the terms: Token Swap, Token Burn, EATER ADDRESS and VANITY ADDRESS All in connection to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology of course. So let’s start with what is a Token Swap? First, a reminder about tokens (in case you missed the episode where I explained the difference between coins […]

شرح كامل منصة THE PIT Blockchain || وربح مايصل اللي 15000$ دولار في 6 ايام

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be with you From Qena From Egyption Blockchain Today’s episode theme about THE PIT Blockchain Affiliate Platform Blockchain We will talk about a quiz that was launched Blockchain With a coin algornd It is valued at $ 25,000 What are the conditions of the competition? Before starting the explanation, subscribe to the […]

Daneel : Bringing data intelligence into the crypto jungle

So you want to buy cryptocurrency uh ? But you feel overwhelmed with all the information available ? Not to worry, Daneel is here to help. It will research, collect & analyze all of the information on the web and the social networks. As a powerful Artificial intelligence, Daneel sorts through relevant data and finds a great and […]

Is the Next “Killer App” Actually Bitcoin? | The Crypto Lark & The Moon

I believe that Bitcoin can easily surpass the market cap of gold. I think one of the big thing is going to just blow it out of the $#% for cryptocurrencies is going to be gaming. I see a huge potential for Bitcoin to become the new form of money. I have no sympathy for Facebook or for […]


Hey, Earthlings. The Rocket is at launch. I’m Sergey Rad. This is Rocket Pitch Channel. And we talk about the blockchain and cryptocurrency as always. And today our guest is a project that brings the blockchain-future and cryptocurrency together with today’s e-commerce. And this Plaza system can easily replace PayPal and even Visa in terms of transaction speed. […]

Прибыль уже через 24 часа | PrizmBit ТОП Биржа с Парамайнингом

всем добра друзья сегодня хочу сделать короткий обзор такой восходящей звезды prism как биржа prism бит я стал пользоваться этой биржей еще в начале июля 3 июля по моему завел свои первые средства чтобы купить монеты из тех пор prism бит не перестает меня радовать сейчас биржа еще работает в тестовом предрелизной режиме но уже практически весь необходимый […]

Kazakhstan Crypto Exchange License

Hello there Chris here from Empire global partners discussing the Kazakhstan cryptocurrency exchanged license. A crypto currency exchange license is a very valuable asset and enables you to be part of a rapidly expanding market. With new cryptocurrencies being introduced every day a crypto currency exchange acquires even more important as people seek to change their existing crypto […]

Public Television Blockchain against the counterfeit

[] Struggle against the counterfeit is chronic character Vladimir Putin Hello, Me name Dmitry Lyskov and this program True and here topic our discussions today Counterfeit remains serious problem of the current market Is there a chance to win pirates neither in one specific industry and in whole, in scale states and can be 00: 00: 36.300> and […]

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