Bill Tai || Cryptocurrencies & ICOs Will Fuel The 4th Industrial Revolution

You know, so I know it seems very new to people this whole wave of cryptocurrencies and I actually have a theory that it’s nothing new it’s actually a kind of a visit to the past and if you think about human history humans have been civilized for maybe a hundred thousand years you know they’ve been around […]

Bitcoin over politics! The glamour trap, Trading does not solve your fiat problems, Gwyneth Paltrow

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is November the 5th 2018 what does this shirt say strong hand long term thinking unconscious capable bitcoin is the next bitcoin bitcoin punishes the 80 percenters be in motion people ok let’s just jump right into the news all […]

Difference between Coin and Token / Investing in Cryptocurrency 2019

Hi this is Tony K. and this is my second video. In my previous video I offered my own scenario for the future of Bitcoin as three technologies blockchain, digital currency and payment network. In this one I’m going to share my thoughts on Altcoins and Tokens. Altcoins it will be difficult to give one-of- a-kind comment many […]

$3900 Bitcoin! Epic Charlie Lee Litecoin truth bomb! Bcash thoughts

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 12th 2017 buy and hold resist that temptation to sell at these high prices people this is when you really have to have a strong hand get rich by desiring little pure commitment to Bitcoin alright crypto HW […]

Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales: “You Can’t Ban Blockchain. It’s Math!”

Cointelegraph: Hey guys, this is Catherine Ross from Cointelegraph. We’re here in Berlin with Jimmy Wales. Hi Jimmy, it is a pleasure to meet you. First of all, how is it going on BlockShow? JW: Great! I just came offstage. I spoke about Wikipedia a little bit and about decentralized systems, about how I see the current landscape […]

Goldman Sachs: Bullish on Bitcoin | Crypto Markets

Eric, the Bitcoin price remained quite stable in the last 24 hours. Are there any specific movements that you would like to point out? Maybe what are the main support and resistance levels? And if you consider that we are still in a upward trend. So Bitcoin actually get something pretty significant last night with closing the weekly. […]

is bitcoin legal in USA -bitcoin Legal Issues for USA |Is bitcoin mining Legal in US |YTGuide

hello friends I created this video for USA citizens in URDU. But for you i wrote full description in English. watch this video complete if you want to understand that if the bitcoin legal or illegal in USA or US Bitcoins may be considered money but not 100% legal currency in USA he Ecuadorian government has issued a […]

Bitcoin SV News, Forbes Blockchain List, Notre Dame Des Cryptos | Game of Hodls

When you play a game of thrones you win or you die. Winter is coming to Westeros, but let’s hope spring is coming to crypto. Watch on in order to see our reveal of the true king! I am Molly Jane, Stormborn of the House Satoshi, First of Her Hash, the Unchained, Queen of the Exchanges and the […]

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