V SYSTEMS Introduction

We are V Systems! Blockchain opens up the centralised system to a safer decentralised environment Currently we’re seeing a lack of blockchain applications in the market for businesses in leveraging blockchain and scalability Which are two of the biggest challenges making the technology difficult to utilise V Systems is created to transform the industry Sunny King the creator […]


Hello everybody Welcome to Blockchain Brazil Channel. I am Douglas and I have Andre here with me and Alex He is a Cosmos Developer and he is going to talk a little bit about the project and Andre will start with some questions. First of all, thank you for taking your time here with us. It’s an honor […]

The $1000 dollar cryptocurrency portfolio experiment 2019 – tracking the top 25 cryptos – episode 1

hello welcome to the $1,000 crypto portfolio experiment this is episode 1 and it's a brand new experiment we're going to be tracking the top 25 crypto currencies with just one thousand dollars so that's the equivalent of 40 dollars in each of these crypto currencies we won't be using any stable coins and we're going to be […]

Cryptocurrency Trading How to read a candle stick chart Candlestick explanation

hey everybody it's tied at 51% crew again bringing you another educational video to our series before we get started first and foremost I would like to take a moment to thank the community for the support of this channel I'm actually kind of overwhelmed with the positive feedback I received but please keep in mind I'm also […]

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