Analyzing How BUGHA WON The Na East Cash Cup Solos! (Fortnite: Battle Royale Tips and Tricks)

yo what’s going on guys I’m back with another video so if you guys haven’t heard Bugha won the cash Cup about a week ago and today I’m gonna be analyzing some clips of Bugha and how he won the cash Cup he seems to do very well in solo tournaments and events I would highly recommend you […]

Low On Cash ? High Energy cost // Winterize Your Home/Trailer On the Cheap

it’s very low-budget but let me tell you it works great this is the bubble wrap at my window this is the bathroom window which gets really cold air now a lot of you would say oh my word that is just awful looking it is it’s very really really awful looking but when you put it behind […]

How to earn 5$ up to 100$ for Free Paypal Money? Legit with Payout Proof!

Hello guys and Welcome to my youtube channel David Vlog’s today i will show you how to earn 5$ up to 100$ for FREE by doing easy survey all we need here two apps we need verified Paypal account and bigtoken app So, how to earn to this app? we need to download the app Bigtoken and Register […]

CashMaster Jay Rodman 1st time calling his cash pig slave & cashrapes him multiple times

phone ringing, Faggot answers phone: hello Master Jay: Whats up Faggot? faggot replies: oh not to much what you doing? i am so sorry i was at the store earlier. Master Jay interrupts faggot: Shut The Fuck Up, I don’t give 2 fucks what you was doing earlier! since you was at the store what did you buy […]

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