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and the move from back in 2011 to where we hit in 2000 and December 2013 right this here was 35,000 percent gain what is going on crypto peeps welcome back to the travelling crypto we do see a healthy mini revival in the markets with a most of the the top coins seeing double-digit percentage gains in […]


yo what's up guys how's everything over living a fantastic day today the Sun has been finally shining on the crypto space just a little bit we have seen a massive 10% pump on Bitcoin from the low to the high we'll just show you how that's acted on it has been almost exactly a 10% pump and […]

MASSIVE SHAKEOUT OR $4,000 INCOMING? – Cryptocurrency/BTC Trading Analysis

yo what's guys how is everyone doing today guys we are going to be looking at are two possibilities had too many possibilities you've seen the title of this stream massive shakeout or $4,000 incoming so obviously sentiment is pretty right now let's not try and sugarcoat it and guys once you get in make sure you drop […]

The Ascending Triangles of HOPIUM: Ethereum & Bitcoin – BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING ANALYSIS

so yesterday as you will know we had a nice little move up in the market Bitcoin shooting up to kind of 37 3800 now pushing even higher levels as well but I left you with some really important note at the end of the last video now I want to touch on that video there are a […]

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