What is Blockchain? Blockchain Technology Explained | Blockchain Tutorials for Beginners

Blockchain. A growing and future technology. This is what we are going to discuss about today in this session. So in this video I shall be giving you an overview of the technology called blockchain Welcome to Intellipaat guys so without wasting much of the time let’s us quickly go through the agenda of today’s video so we […]

Blockchain Solutions for Business: Advantages and Challenges

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Cleveroad Studio. Today we’re going to touch upon a very important issue – Brand Naming for real estate business. Are you ready to put the first cornerstone into your business and give it a brand name? Real estate industry is definitely one of the most competitive. For better or for worse, your company […]

The animated guide to blockchain (Explanimators: Episode 5)

Patch them in. So we meet again, Captain Billings. Zorg! I should have known it was you. Mining World XT3-12 is now ours. Resistance is futile. Wait. [Captain Billings confers with Chief of Staff] XTE-12? Not, uh, 13? The one with no water, 172 hour-long nights and space spiders the size of dinner plates? Yes, splendid isn’t it? […]

Stopping Deepfake Videos with the Blockchain | Freethink

What if seeing isn’t really believing? Over the years, visual evidence has been the unassailable gold standard to prove that something happened. Deepfakes have really muddied the picture. The term “deepfake” is a combination of “deep learning” and “fake.” And it’s basically a Photoshop job on steroids. As long as the deepfake algorithm has enough data–enough footage, essentially–of […]

What is Hashing & Digital Signature in The Blockchain?

(elegant music) – Hi everyone, today we are going to be talking about the word Blockchain and breaking it down to understand what does it mean when someone says Blockchains. We’re gonna take the time to understand the cryptography behind the Blockchain technology. So, there are two main cryptographic concepts that underpin Blockchain technology. The first, is hashing […]

Example of a Blockchain Notary incl. Working Example and Github link

Wouldn’t this world be great without people stealing other peoples ideas? How can the blockchain help here? If you have an idea, you normally write it down and possibly share it with colleagues and prospective business partners to keep working on it or eventually sell it. That is a perfectly normal course of action. But the problem remains: […]

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