Hardware Wallet Hack: Ledger Nano S – f00dbabe

The Ledger Nano S is a Cryptocurrency hardware wallet based on a secure element for storing cryptocurrencies, embedding a screen to check and secure digital payments. And also they have these information sheets where they proudly write: “Did you notice? There is no anti-tampering sticker on this box. A cryptographic mechanism checks the integrity of your Ledger device’s […]

Hardware Wallet vs Malware. Demo of Electrum Phishing & Clipboard Malware (Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey)

So I’m gonna do something a bit different today on crypto scam watch and I want to have a look at the Electrum malware versus a hardware wallet so as you can see we have the newest official version of Electrum that is still susceptible to the full rich text phishing experience. All righty let’s get phished! We’ll […]

Cryptocurrency Wallets: Guide To Crypto Wallet Differences & How They Work | Blockchain Central

What is up everyone? I hope your day is great! My name is Blu and you are watching Blockchain Central. In today’s episode we’ll look at what a crypto wallet is. Before we start, as always, please note that this content does neither represent financial, legal, or tax advice, nor is it supposed to be understood or interpreted […]

Trust Wallet Explained – The Decentralized Cryptocurrency Wallet

As more people use cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications It’s more important than ever to have a simple and robust way to access them whether you’re interested in investing, making payments, or using dApps, having many solutions for different activities can get very inconvenient very fast. That’s where easy-to-use all-in-one packages like Trust Wallet can help Unlike traditional financial […]

Brute Force BIP39 Passphrase Recovery. (25th Word, Hidden Wallet) Trezor, Keepkey, Ledger

so today we’re just going to do a short follow-up on a video that I’d previously done on passphrase recovery so this is the process you can use to recover your BIP39 passphrase if you’ve forgotten it or maybe it’s called your twenty-fifth word or the password for your hidden wallet depending on the hardway wallet you’re using […]

Locating Crypto in Electrum: Why Ledger Live (Or Trezor) Accounts can be Hard to Find. BTC, LTC, BCH

so in this video I’m just gonna have a look at a wallet that can be used as an alternative to ledger live for a variety of different cryptocurrencies and there might be a bunch of reasons why you find yourself needing to use this alternative perhaps you’re having issues with ledger live for whatever reason perhaps you’ve […]

Why use TAILS for Crypto? How it is a great a secure Air-Gapped environment for cryptocurrency

Righty, so I’ve made a number of videos looking at various things to do with crypto and how to securely access things like your 24 words seed and all of that and I’ve kind of mentioned and demonstrated in some of those TAILS as an operating system and I actually haven’t spent the time to run through I […]

Using BTCRecover with Segwit Bitcoin Addresses (Seed Phrase Recovery For Ledger, Trezor, Coinomi)

all right so this video is just a real quick addition on a previous video that I made that looked at how to recover from an error in your recovery phrase so I’m not going to go over how to use seed-savior I’m not going to go over how to set up the linux environment to be able […]

TAILS Linux. How to create a secure Air-Gapped environment for Cryptocurrency

So let’s do how to get tails running and recover a 24-word seed so firstly you’ve just got to go to the tails website so you can see there it’s tails tails.boum.org and I’ll put a link to this in the description just also being aware actually that it’s possible sometimes that when you google search for things […]

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