Crypto Wallet Review – Ellipal Titan – Can the Cold Wallet 2.0 Take the Heat?

What’s up everyone, so today we are going to be looking at another hardware wallet. And actually if you’ve been following the channel for a while you saw the last iteration of this device, it is the ellipal. This is the ellipal 2.0 and it really brings some very interesting new features to the table. So were going […]

Keep Your Crypto Safe from Disappearing Exchanges. (MtGox Bitgrail BTC-E QuadringaCX Golix Bitsane)

I don’t know about you one of my least favorite ways to start the day is to log on to your favorite crypto exchange and to discover that it’s no longer there today’s video is a cross between how not to lose your crypto and crypto scam watch and we’re going to look at crypto exchanges and we […]

Simple, but Costly Mistake to Avoid (Change Addresses, Multiple Outputs in Crypto Transactions)

so you looking to receive some crypto on your Ledger wallet you think how you know who can be bothered unlocking the ledger I’ll just grab the receive address of a previous transaction from Ledger live and just give that to someone to get them to send the crypto there… What could possibly go wrong well actually quite […]

Lost Seed Phrase Words Recovery… (For Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey or Coinomi Crypto Wallets)

so I’ve had number of people ask me you know can I recover my seed phrase if I’ve lost one or two or three or four or even six of the words sometimes even 12 so this video is going to look at how to use BTC recover to recover your seed phrase if you know that you […]

Secure Crypto Assets with Enterprise Grade Hardware Wallet

Crypto keys need to be stored in tamper-proof, reliable, protected systems These systems need to be able to perform operations for trading and storage and to serve as a digital vault for the crypto keys Hardware security modules or HSM are such systems and vaults For security you best run the HSM in redundant configurations Securosys already offers […]

Secure Your Crypto With The New Ledger Nano X – Official Review

What is Ledger Nano X and How to Protect your Cryptocurrencies some say that technology is getting too complex that personal data can’t be protected some say that the only safe place is whom that cryptocurrencies aren’t safe we at Ledger believed that your data should be safe everywhere you go that security can coexist with simplicity we […]

El mejor dispositivo para Almacenar tus Criptomonedas – Bitcoin, Ethereum y más.

Today we’ll compare the Trezor brand cryptocurrency cold-storage wallet with the Trezor Model-T. My friends, welcome to a new episode of Hackwise! I know we haven’t talked cryptocurrencies for some time now; don’t think I’ve forgotten about it. And thanks to our friends at Trezor who sent us the Trezor model T today we’ll talk about this device […]

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