The Crypto Lark On Dash’s Future – A Dash of Dash

The features of Dash: we have InstantSend, so this gives you those very fast transactions. They’re aiming to compete with the major credit card players in terms of finality of a transaction and also transactions per second. We have PrivateSend options. Now this is great for versatility. And can be very attractive for a wider range of use […]

Bitcoin Q&A: The rules of Bitcoin (part 1)

[AUDIENCE] What do you mean when you say a transaction is “incorrect”? What is the difference between “correct” and “incorrect”? [ANDREAS] That’s a great question. There are a set of rules within the system, probably about thirty or forty rules altogether, that the software [uses to analyse transactions]. For example, if a transaction says my address is paying […]

Dr. Maureen O’Hara, Cornell University, discusses issues in crypto and blockchain

– Hi, this is Aaron Fernstrom, from the 2018 University of Virginia Investing Conference. We’re here with Professor Maureen O’Hara. Maureen, thank you so much for joining us. – Well, thank you Aaron, appreciate it. – I wonder if you might share with us some reflections from the panel that just ended on crypto and blockchain, and perhaps […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Could governments take over exchanges?

QUESTIONER: Hi. So my question’s really if you look at, you know, back to FDR executive order 6102 confiscation of gold once this thing will happen – and I think it will eventually happen – what prevents the government, let’s say to take control of the exchanges which basically store all the information, who has what and then […]

COBILITY. The Decentralized Network for Transport Logistics

Logistics means flow – but oftentimes there are interruptions. In the logistics sector, there is a lot of potential for similar use cases: for matchmaking, capacity management, tracking, … And we know that there is a huge need for more collaboration. We have a lot of cases where much paperwork is involved – – but more and more […]

(Full Interview) The Status of Blockchain in Asia, From "China Internet Report" Author, Edith Yeung

forecast news is your gateway to all things blockchain we do the deep dive in the due diligence on the blockchain projects and platforms that matter because we aim to be the most reliable source of intellectual discourse and insight that inform educate and bridge the gap between the blockchain industry and the mainstream welcome to another episode […]

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