(Full Interview) The Status of Blockchain in Asia, From "China Internet Report" Author, Edith Yeung

forecast news is your gateway to all things blockchain we do the deep dive in the due diligence on the blockchain projects and platforms that matter because we aim to be the most reliable source of intellectual discourse and insight that inform educate and bridge the gap between the blockchain industry and the mainstream welcome to another episode […]

Corporate governance issues a big red flag: Gautam Chhaochharia

let's get in Gotham pechocha Rhea executive director and head of India mid-cap research at UBS India Gotham thanks very much good to see you back here on the program you've got me up and you've got a conference going on the mid-cap premier conference it starts today a lot of investors are coming in attending this one […]

Evan Duffield Gives an Exclusive Interview about the Anonymous Digital Currency Dash

you're the creator of the digital currency it's currently the sixth largest and global market cap how did you get started with this I have a long history of you know interest in finance and I have been programming since I was 15 and I got interested in economics and financial markets and things like that I started […]

Energi Cryptocurrency – Episode 5 – Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

Episode 5 Energi Kryptowährung Es gibt also viele Kryptowährungen, aber viele haben keine Substanz dahinter. Und im Laufe der Zeit wird der freie Markt entscheiden, welche sich konsolidieren werden. In dieser Episode werde ich also die Ergebnisse meiner Energi-Analyse vorstellen. Hier ist, was wir abdecken werden; Energi's Hintergrund. Das Bedürfnis. Das Leistungsversprechen von Energi. Und was ich das […]

Governance and Cryptoeconomics – Token Summit III NYC 2018

so Chris we had you here last year the first token summit and you talked about variations of tokens and cryptocurrencies actually the focus was more on currencies and it was one of the most popular presentations and now we are you've evolved your your thinking and your work into crypto economics and token engineering and token economics […]