Indian Dance Crew V.Unbeatable Earns GOLDEN BUZZER From Dwyane Wade! – America's Got Talent 2019

hey guys this is V from Mumbai India their voice America's Got Talent for six years it's the huge thing for anybody on the world and we can't believe that we were on that stage what we do is it was like really great was like yes man be impressed loved audience as well as the judge this […]

Relive The Golden Buzzer Moments From The Season 14 Auditions – America's Got Talent 2019

you should be incredibly proud of yourselves cause you killed it but we all just witnessed here tonight was nothing short of absolute brilliance what just happened there was extraordinary I mean really extraordinary I'm gonna remember this moment for the rest of my life people come on here and hopefully dreams come true and I think that […]

Golden Buzzer: Kodi Lee Wows You With A Historical Music Moment! – America's Got Talent 2019

welcome hello welcome to America's Got Talent's your name I'm Cody I am 22 years old who are you yes who are you I'm mom so what are you gonna do here for us today I'm gonna sing a song for you on the piano Tina tell us a little bit about Cody Cody is blind and autistic […]