How France maintains its grip on Africa

Françafrique – literally meaning “France in Africa” melded into one term – refers to France’s powerful, inseparable synergy with its former Empire in the African continent. It prevails around political and economic patronage as well as military cooperation. For decades the doctrine allowed the French to maintain their grip on Africa, affecting its former colonies to the nucleus […]

Geopolitics of Germany

as a nation in the center of the European continent Germany and its immediate surrounding halt the densest concentration of wealth in the world its extensive navigable waterways and arable land give the country an edge in trade and commercial activities yet for all its advantages of the country is utterly exposed to neighbouring powers for the past […]

Geopolitics of Poland

throughout its history Poland has struggled against foreign incursions as such the extent of its power shifted enormous Lee in the 17th century the country prevailed as a major power in Eastern Europe yet by the end of the 18th century it had completely disappeared from the map Poland survived only in memory and language before it emerged […]

Geopolitics of Vietnam

spanning in the easternmost coastline of Indochina the Socialist Republic of Vietnam occupies one of the most demanding physical environments imaginable from a policymaking standpoint a history of inviting foreign occupation and exploitation reveal that there is a fixed pattern in the geopolitics of Vietnam I’m your host Shivan and welcome to Caspian report before we continue many […]