Fly is an enterprise software company for corporate travel booking

(calming music) – So Fly, we provide software for companies we help them save money and time on their travel bookings, we help them book the right travel at the right time. It’s really born out of my own frustration of booking last minute, and basically paying two to three-x more for this event I already knew I […]

etoro’s Crypto CopyFund

Cryptocurrency Is “The Internet of Money” A force changing society, technology, and finance. Has it changed your world, yet? Over 1 million eToro cryptocurrency traders share in the wisdom of the crowd, share in the convenience, dependability, and security, of eToro’s trading platform…. Share in the rewards of successful cryptocurrency trading. Now, a trading elite Have found The […]

Is Zelle a Threat to Paypal, Square, and Other Fintech Companies?

Jason Moser: Alright, Matt, we wanted to jump in here and answer an e-mail. There’s an e-mail that we received while we were away. This e-mail came from Petey in Utah. Basically, he’s asking us about Zelle. This was the situation. “My wife was going to Vegas for a birthday party with her friend. She owes money to […]

The future of Libra and Blockchain beyond the hype

What blockchains do is essentially to revolutionize the core business of what a bank does. Which is, banks maintain ledgers, right? And a ledger is just an account of what’s in their bank and what’s going in and out for their customers. What is a blockchain? It’s a ledger. So basically it decentralizes the ownership and management of […]

Hyperwallet & PayPal: The Future of Payouts

There’s a great opportunity for us now with PayPal and Braintree and Hyperwallet coming together into territory that, frankly, we haven’t gone that far into, which is payouts, and helping connect payors and payees. I mean, there’s a common problem, and that is folks need to pay people quickly and efficiently. Even though they’re completely diverse industries, to […]

FundFantasy – The First Blockchain Based Fantasy Trading Platform

Online trading is far from being a walk in the park Let’s be honest, It’s complicated, It involves high fees and entails major counterparty risks So we were thinking how great would it be if traders could put their trading skills to the test In a user-friendly and simplified environment that is nonetheless profitable and what if we […]

Problem of scalability of blockchain | Yaroslav Tonkovidov | Credits | World Finance Council | 2018

so good day ladies and gentlemen my name is Yaroslav I represent the transport projects and a big thanks to the previous two speakers of popularizing popularizing blockchain the smart contracts platform and raising the problem of scalability of blockchain seems like I’ve been born under a lucky star because with projects all space issues so to start […]

How Blockchain Is Disrupting Global Business | Sibos 2019

Do you think that cryptocurrencies will potentially see their end? No, I don’t. Some of these technologies, by their very nature, are quite provocative to the status quo. Everywhere we look, probably around every case, there’s at least 30 percent of process inefficiency. Now, more than 90 percent of the top 50 global banks are doing at least […]

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