An Inside Look at the Big Money’s Bitcoin Trading (w/ Michael Moro)

JUSTINE UNDERHILL: Genesis really led the way in terms of the over-the-counter market for Bitcoin as well as alternative coins, and then also is leading the way in terms of lending. But before we get into all of that, how did you yourself get into Bitcoin? MICHAEL MORO: So I met Barry Silbert, the founder of Digital Currency […]

The Next Phase of the Crypto Revolution (w/ Mike Novogratz and Raoul Pal)

Raoul Pal: Novo, good to see you again. Mike Novogratz: You as well. You as well. RP: It’s been a while. I really wanted to get back together with you to talk about– you’ve done one of the things that I find really interesting. I’ve been interested in this whole kind of crypto, and blockchain world, and all […]

How To Invest In Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies With Coinbase

Over the past couple of months Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making a comeback so should you invest let’s go through those numbers and talk about it coming up. Welcome back to The Jeremy Kersten Show every episode we talk about business entrepreneurship investing and personal growth today we’re gonna be talking about Bitcoin and a few […]

Unraveling the Central Banks’ Misbehavior (w/ Jim Grant & Bill Fleckenstein)

Jim Grant: Hello. I’m Jim Grant. I am with my friend, Bill Fleckenstein. And let me just say that I met Bill during the panic of 1907. And we have known each other so long, we could almost—Bill Fleckenstein: Almost finish each others’ sentences. JG: It’s true. I think, actually, we got to know each other during the […]

Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows | WSJ

(projector buzzing) – [Narrator] This is the world’s largest oil processing plant, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Early on Saturday, September 14th, a series of explosions rocked the facility, and the world woke to see it burning. – [Reporter] Satellite images show thick black smoke billowing from the Aramco Oil Facility in Abqaiq. – [Reporter] […]

Bitcoin Q&A: How do payment channels work?

“Can you explain the Lightning Network and how payment channels with ‘locked’ funds work?” Yes. Let’s start with payment channels. Payment channels are [opened from]… transactions on the Bitcoin network that lock funds in a 2-of-2 multi-signature address. If I have a payment channel with Alice, that has [bitcoin] locked [in a multi-sig with one key from each […]

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