PewDiePie on the Blockchain, Is Bitcoin a Bubble? | Hodler’s Digest

The entire world saw Julian Assange half-carried into the back of a police van this week, as his seven year stint in the Ecuadorian Embassy came to an abrupt halt. Following his arrest, media outlets around the world posted about the “spike” and “surge” of Bitcoin donations to the WikiLeaks campaign, which had tweeted about accepting donations right […]

What is Libra Coin

Facebook, MySpace, and Multiply. What do these three have in common? They are all popular social media platforms. However, only Facebook was able to stand the test of time and today, dominates the space by continuing to be innovative. Facebook has announced its plans to launch their own cryptocurrency, the Libra coin! What’s up cryptopeeps? It’s your girl […]

Libra – Zuckerberg’s dangerous cryptocurrency lie

Facebook is going to launch its own cryptocurrency with the potential of turning the social network into the largest payment service in the world. Zuckerberg promises strong privacy protections and claims the new digital currency will be independent of the Facebook company. The new coin called Libra is planned to launch in early 2020, and to market it, […]


[Musik] hallo leute und herzlich willkommen zu einem neuen und weiteren video von mir das freut mich riesig dass wir heute eingeschaltet habe und heute möchte ich mit euch über die folgenden themen sprechen als allererstes gucken wir uns an ob der bitcoin und das kommende allzeithoch die alt coins mit in einer rally saugen wird außerdem gucken […]

Facebook LIBRA Explained! Coin Cryptocurrency – is BITCOIN doomed?

hello everyone today we will talk about facebook Libre the new cryptocurrency from Facebook and I will explain everything what you need to know to make your investment decision and let's go okay so the name of the newest kid on the block in digital the currency market will be Cuba Libre wait no that was something else […]

Facebook Cryptocurrency (Libra) | What Will It Lead To?

how do you sustain a business model in which users don't pay for your service senator reprint money that's right ladies and gentlemen I masculine this is in it for the money and Facebook is allegedly about to launch their own cryptocurrency called Libre coin there hasn't been any official announcements a couple weeks back I heard that […]