Facebook Libra Blockchain – Coin Explained – Latest Bitcoin News in Tamil

how do you wanna come non-medical battle channeling a guy unique in the video Rama let s turn a bit kindness empathy positive and they'd be kind of audit the movie in a bit but they didn't kind of see on this Libra Facebook all the blockchain you put the complete acts time on a boring yes so […]

Bitcoin cae, Facebook lanza su criptomoneda LIBRA, ultimas noticias bitcoin 18 de junio

[Música] qué tal gente bienvenidos a un nuevo vídeo el día de hoy voy a hablar del mercado y de lo que ha sucedido en las últimas horas donde hay varias noticias para ver y analizar un poco luego de eso vamos a pasarlas a las gráficas para ver bitcoin y varias monedas que ustedes me han pedido […]

Facebook Libra – Music Creators discuss Spotify's stake in Cryptocurrency and more

all right let's get it what's going on y'all it's Jake my racks of altar Escom thanks again for checking my channel I appreciate all y'all that's been subscribing to my channel that's been commenting on my videos I appreciate all y'all we're gonna get into this stream tonight been wanting to get back into it for a […]


hey guys Tony here hope you're doing well it is Tuesday June 18th got some big news to share with you here if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash the like button and this is not financial or investment advice Facebook has released the official white paper for their Libre blockchain and token […]

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