Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Coin and Bitcoin Named National Security Risk.

hey what's going on everyone just went to do a quick warning update it's been a little bit wanted to let everyone know where I've been what's going on and a little bit of look at the markets so I've been out in Vegas for the World Series of Poker as you know thanks to special sponsor ultra […]

Facebook’s own coin, bounty paid for stolen crypto, Alex Jones bribed to be a BTC spokesperson?

rewards are being offered to recover stolen cryptocurrency Facebook is looking to release its own coin and was Alex Jones actually asked to pump up Bitcoin let's start the show welcome back to crypto global news please make sure you hit the subscribe and also notifications buttons so you don't miss an episode I'm Edward and we're going […]

Big Tech’s War for Your Wallet: Facebook Sparks Outrage After Announcing Plans for Digital Currency

this is democracy now democracynow.org the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman and I'm Wanda news iowa's welcome to all of our viewers and listeners across the country and around the world in a move that could reshape the world's financial system Facebook has unveiled plans to launch a new global digital currency called Libre Facebook announced […]

What Is Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency – The Maurice Kenny Show Ep 10

my name is Maurice Kinney and I'm here to help you master everything blockchain so on today's episode let's talk about Facebook's Libre cryptocurrency Libre is Facebook's attempt in making a cryptocurrency on their own actual blockchain with most people hearing about it they immediately think of the alternative public blockchain based cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin the catch […]

Facebook's Libra coin: the truth behind the hype

Facebook has announced itsnew Libra coin to much fanfare and media attention. But it's fair to say that weat Alphaville remain sceptical. So we've started a seriescalled 'breaking the Zuck buck', in which we examine MarkZuckerberg's new baby and explain what wethink is wrong with it. Myth number one. A 'blockchain' is what willallow Libra to function. Libra […]