Facebook's Libra coin: the truth behind the hype

Facebook has announced itsnew Libra coin to much fanfare and media attention. But it's fair to say that weat Alphaville remain sceptical. So we've started a seriescalled 'breaking the Zuck buck', in which we examine MarkZuckerberg's new baby and explain what wethink is wrong with it. Myth number one. A 'blockchain' is what willallow Libra to function. Libra […]

Facebook's Libra will give everyone an electronic wallet, says pro

my question to you is do you believe that that the idea of Libra the idea of Facebook putting everybody giving everybody a digital wallet is going to change the game for Bitcoin or not yeah absolutely I mean listen Libra is a massive on-ramp for a billions of people to suddenly be using cryptocurrency suddenly everyone and […]