VLOG #8 | To The Moon

programmers cryptographers lovers of freedom gentlemen I appreciate you having made me an honorary visiting coin we meet in an hour of change and challenge and a decade of hope and fear and an age of both knowledge and ignorance and despite the fact that my hash rate stands at 47 X hashes and that millions of people […]

ETHEREUM 7000€ POSSIBLE !? analyse technique crypto monnaie bitcoin

bonjour à tous aujourd'hui super content de vous retrouver sur les termes face à l'euro je précise déjà demain il y aura également l'été rome face au dollar ces analyses font suite à une donation et quand tu es bien une donation pour l'été rome clairement je le fais le rôle usd etc j'essaie d'être un maximum complet […]

XRP Billboards And Which Top Banks Are Working With Ripple ?

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor and I have travel ball coming out of my eyeballs I have literally been doing travel ball until this minute we've been dealing with the traveling and the baseball and everything that goes along with it you know we did not win the tournament but my son […]

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