Blockchain Basics – Practitioner’s Perspective: The Enterprise by University at Buffalo #7

Ethereum has worked out marvelously on how to solve these problems of scaling and privacy and a number of other issues that needed to be worked out for public networks. You have the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance that is the largest organization of entities working on the Ethereum protocol and maturing it into something that industry can use. But […]

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Ripple, Crypto-dividend news, minor altcoins pump, OTC markets

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is December the 30th 2017 strong hand buy and hold delayed gratification alright sex the last day of the year so they say thanks to everyone who has sent cryptocurrency donations throughout this year we got a Bitcoin one recently […]

Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Blockchain Series

2Chronoswiss is situated in Lucerne, we are here for many years now. It’s our headquarter and not only headquarter, we also do all the production and designing here. Tech Bureau, as well as Chronoswiss appreciates the value of a high-end quality product. We came up with the idea to create together the first Bitcoin blockchain watch. Cryptocurrencies and […]


Welcome to Crypto Jargon, In this episode we break down the terms: Token Swap, Token Burn, EATER ADDRESS and VANITY ADDRESS All in connection to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology of course. So let’s start with what is a Token Swap? First, a reminder about tokens (in case you missed the episode where I explained the difference between coins […]

Swell 2018: Crypto Assets & Fintech Regulation (XRP)

to give you an overview of the global regulatory landscape because as all of you who follow the space know of course last year there was all this excitement in the world about digital assets and then immediately after came the concern from regulators so you saw China ban crypto trading South Korea and Japan raised concerns Germany […]

Building Enigma / The largest Ethereum Mining Facility

Hello, I am Enigma the world’s largest Mining Facility for Ethereum. Ethereum is the first ‘world computer’. It is a decentralized network that can be used by anyone and is capable of running applications with no possibility of downtime, censorship or fraud. These applications, called “Smart Contracts”, require a certain kind of fuel to run them. The network’s […]

On What Blockchain Systems can 2key’s Protocol run?

We can actually interface with any blockchain that enables smart contracts. Since were only touching the blockchain in very specific points which we can control the minimize. Even in our beta product were only touching the blockchain when a campaign is generated and then once an hour once a day or once a conversion if you really want […]


Japan may soon issue a state backed digital currency, and Vitalik defends a man who was trying to bring crypto knowledge to North Korea, let’s state the show! Welcome back to crypto global news, please make sure you like share and subscribe to the show. Also, we have a brand new website – jump over to and […]

Unofficial Video – Seele Blockchain 4.0 – Video by Community Member

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we transact. Traditionally we transact with others via a centralized middleman that we trust. For example we send people money through a bank, we buy stuff online from other parties via a trusted middleman like eBay. The middleman establishes trust and keeps a ledger of all the transaction. Blockchain eliminates the need […]

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