Westworld, Fallout, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Chris on Tech

hey everyone welcome back to another exciting edition of Chris on tech I of course am Chris and today we’re gonna be looking at blockchain and cryptocurrencies but probably not in the way you’re thinking not sure if you’re aware of the lawsuit that has just been settled between Beth Sita games I believe who is the purveyors […]

Cryptocurrency – Ethereum at $1400 by summer 2018! Ethereum at New All Time High

What’s up, YouTube? What’s up my cryptocurrency creepers? What are you all doing? What are you all into? What are you all looking at? All right, let me know. Let me know what’s hot– or not. I just wanted to talk to you guys about Ethereum today. I was doing some reading and some checking out about Ethereum. […]

IndaHash ICO Review πŸ‘ πŸ’― Best New Technology: Blockchain Innovation Fintech | Barbara Soltysinska

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Bakkt vs ErisX vs Fidelity Digital Assets vs Voyager – Institutional Crypto Exchanges – HODL!

hey everyone Tony here hope you're doing well it is Saturday February 16th hope you're holding strong in this new asset class that is crypto currencies now someone had asked me to do a video comparing the major institutional crypto exchanges which is backed versus Eris X versus fidelity digital assets and Voyager now these are obviously all […]

How to Make Passive Income with Bitcoin & Crypto and Claim Your Financial Freedom!

today I want to discuss with you what for many people is the holy grail of financial freedom making money while you sleep otherwise known as passive income liberating yourself from the day-to-day drudgery of your nine-to-five job to allow yourself to pursue more fruitful endeavors with your life or at least have a bit more comfort in […]

Expert Wall Street Trader Eric Crown Shares His Bitcoin Trading & Crypto Market Perspectives

hello everyone and welcome back into kryptos news I have here a guest someone who got recommended to me by actually twice in one week once in person and one time by email by I guess a mutual follower both are both of ours and so I have here Eric crown crown script okay someone who's been trading […]

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