Westworld, Fallout, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Chris on Tech

hey everyone welcome back to another exciting edition of Chris on tech I of course am Chris and today we’re gonna be looking at blockchain and cryptocurrencies but probably not in the way you’re thinking not sure if you’re aware of the lawsuit that has just been settled between Beth Sita games I believe who is the purveyors […]

All the Blockchain Games You’ve Imagined, Here. | ITAM Store

블록체인으로 연결된 새로운 세계로 디지털 자산의 완전한 소유권 디지털 자산의 완전한 소유권 당신의 디지털 자산을 소유하라 당신의 디지털 자산을 지갑에 소유 업적 기록 당신의 업적을 블록체인에 기록 다른 플레이어들과 디지털 자산 거래 새로운 게임 경험을 맞이하라 기존 게임들의 블록체인 입점 전 세계 유저들과의 경쟁 Free-to-Play 게임은 잊어라 Play-to-Earn의 시대가 왔다 놀라운 UX

Why Blockchain: Daniel Larimer at Virginia Tech

…graduate from Virginia Tech I’ve been in the blockchain industry I actually learned about blockchain shortly after Bitcoin came out back in 2008-2009 time frame Because I wanted to create new currencies a way to create more economic freedom, more monetary freedom and blockchain happened to be the solution So that’s what got me interested in blockchain Since […]

David Chaum & DigiCash: The First Digital Currency

– As you know, I’ve been an advocate of digital rights, digital sovereignty, and empowering individuals in the Information Age for many years. Either we’re going to be moving towards a world in which people are data subjects or, alternatively, people have control over their own information. Privacy is intimately tied to human potential, and that it’s an […]

How To Margin Trade Cryptocurrency on Liquid

introduction to margin trading exchange click on margin at the top left margin trading allows you to trade with borrowed funds to increase your leverage thereby increasing your potential profits but also your potential losses firstly you must choose the pair you will be margin trading hover over the selected pair and find the pair you want to […]

The Future of Blockchain – SVK Crypto (EOS VC) London Meetup

We’re here tonight to take part in one of our monthly meetup events here in the City of London in the heart of London itself tonight’s special for two reasons one is the fact that we have the ability to bring down the London community in one place discuss and talk about what’s currently happening in the blockchain […]

Bix Weir On Litecoin & Theta, Crypto Crow on BTC , Cardano, EOS and more !

it’s Saturday well not today but when we watch this it’ll be Saturday we have and I don’t want a toot our own horn one of the most jam-packed of crypto knowledge shows we’ve ever done it’s tricky slightly different format than normal because there is so much information with the people that we spoke to that they […]

BTC to $20K? – EOS Updates – LTC Post Halving & More!

Welcome blockchainers, it’s another week of binary related fun and games again no Lisa this week but I’d like to introduce our new research assistant in the world of blockchain, it’s Meg she’s joining our esteemed leader buddy doing all of our blocks and research and also our blockchain giveaways so say hello to Meg she’s going to […]

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