The State of Blockchain in LATAM – Alberto Guerrero – EOS Community Conference 2019

okay so hello, my name is Alberto Guerrero Montilla sorry I cannot say that with an English modulation accent. I’m the CEO and founder of EOS Venezuela and today I want to talk: how our vision of the technology of blockchain & crypto works in our country. So you might have heard about what is going on in […]

Unofficial Video – Seele Blockchain 4.0 – Video by Community Member

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we transact. Traditionally we transact with others via a centralized middleman that we trust. For example we send people money through a bank, we buy stuff online from other parties via a trusted middleman like eBay. The middleman establishes trust and keeps a ledger of all the transaction. Blockchain eliminates the need […]

Обзор проекта EDC Blockchain

Hello, my friends! Throughout many videos, I tell you that the crypto industry more and more embedded in our modern life. Today’s project is not just an idea for which you need to collect resources, and already implemented blockchain marketplace platform that has its own coin. Let’s talk about the EDC Blockchain project, let’s go EDC Blockchain allows […]

EDC Blockchain Wallet – Advantages and methods of trading EDC coins on IDAX.PRO

Hello, friends! ICOlime is here with you. We have already talked about the EDC Blockchain project on our channel. We analyzed all the strengths of the project and talked about the exchanges that coins are traded on. These reviews are available on my channel. Although they are in Russian, for your convenience, I added subtitles in English. Today […]

5.1.2018 🔷 Best Cryptocurrency 2018 🔷 Crypto News Live 🔷 Blockchain Wiki

🔷 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018 🔷 Is Bitcoin legal or a scam 🔷 Crypto Trader Market Cap Analysis 🔷 Binance Bittrex Coinbase or Bitfinex JOIN THE MONEY TEAM Topics Covered: Bitcoin Value Wiki | Best Cryptos Day Trading Guide 2018 how to invest in bitcoin How to get bitcoins Bitcoin Price today Is Bitcoin a good […]

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