The $5 Wrench Attack

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto! I’m your host, Chronos, and today I donated my cell phone to a guy on the street. You can’t imagine just how happy I felt as he put his gun back in his pocket. Seriously, though, I thought of that joke when I saw this online post, talking about bitcoin security. It […]

Integral Crypto Drive FIPS encrypted range – Main features

Integral Crypto Drives – AES 256-bit Hardware Encrypted USB Drives High Security Made Simple Security Features: FIPS 140-2 Level 2, FIPS 197 Validated Versions – Stringent security standards met AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption – Ensuring your data’s security Mandatory encryption of all files – Unsecured data cannot be saved Secure entry – Enforced high strength password Brute-force password […]

ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet Review – The Best and most Secure Crypto Wallet For KIDS?

if you like the idea of a phone like device as your wallet that is touchscreen easy to use and very secure then Ellipal is for you it is also perfect for kids if you’re like me and crypto is a part of your daily life then having our kids have a basic knowledge of the blockchain and […]

SECURE THE BREACH | Data Encryption – Crypto Management – Access Management | Gemalto SafeNet

Cloud, mobile, big data, the internet of things. Your enterprise is undergoing its digital transformation. But these new technologies mean more risk to your data as it moves beyond the perimeter. You know that a data breach is inevitable. So, when it happens to your business, will your data be secure? Gemalto’s portfolio of SafeNet identity and data […]

Integral Crypto Drive – Encrypted USB Flash Drive (FIPS 197 – PC Edition)

Integral presents Crypto – Encrypted USB Drives 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption Military Level Security FIPS Validated FIPS-197 PC Using the Crypto FIPS-197 PC: Insert USB Drive Total Lock opens automatically Zero Footprint – no software to load Secure password comparison performed on the drive Drive window opens automatically Mandatory hardware encryption of ALL files One click to lock […]

Integral Crypto Dual – Encrypted USB Flash Drive

Integral presents Crypto Dual Crypto Dual Encrypted USB Drive Dual Password Protection (Master and User Passwords) 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption Military Level Security FIPS-197 Validated Using the Crypto Dual Insert USB Drive into your Mac or PC on Mac: Double click to open Dual Lock on PC: Dual Lock opens automatically Zero Footprint – no software to load […]

Blockchain Security

hey guys hope you guys are doing great today’s topic is going to be about blockchain security. I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the blockchain X.0 , different phases cars gonna go through so moving right Tthe topics of today’s discussion are gonna be, blockchain background, the use-cases, blockchain x.0, smart contracts, the weakest link, security […]

Analyse ICO: Hush

Hi to all Crypto Fans ! I’m going to make the review of Hush Project So, the project Hush is a fiat bank but also Crypto So users will have an IBAN account and crypto wallets and will allow transaction between transfer and fiat For the team, there is Eric Charpentier who is the CEO and the main […]

What is Dash?

If you’re watching this, you’re probably wondering: “What is Dash?” Or maybe even: “What is digital currency?” Well, Dash is Digital Cash Money exchanged on a highly secure, open-source, peer-to-peer network, much like Bitcoin But unlike Bitcoin, it’s really the first form of digital cash that works just like physical cash Your money isn’t held in a central […]

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