Teaching, Writing & Books : Electronic Check Writing

Hi, I’m Laura, from youngwritersworkshops.com. I’m going to be talking about electronic check writing. Electronic check writing’s a way to pay using a checking account online, and it just means that you are not exchanging a piece, a written piece of paper check, but you’re using money from that account. The system makes use of the routing numbers, […]

Hashgraph: The Blockchain Killer? (w/ Leemon Baird)

There’s been a lot of speculation about cryptocurrencies are they the future of Finance or just another fad These digital assets have divided the investing public and even the academics who study them the one thing we know for sure They’ve made some of their founders and early investors spectacularly rich This series gives you the chance to […]

đź”´ How Will Bitcoin & Crypto Shift The Financial System? | Recession Watch

DAN TAPIERO: Bitcoin was down 85% from the high and as an old time macro guy, you’re looking to buy things that have gone down 85%, 90% after a blow-off. That’s what it is. I think it’s a security truth machine. Okay, well, Amazon, that’s worth a trillion dollars itself stuff on the internet. But is that as […]

The Best Way to Buy Bitcoin

Looking to invest in Bitcoin but don’t know where to start? Bitcoin has been turning ordinary investors into millionaires but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get involved… You could go to an online exchange but you’d have to provide an ID and wait through long verification times you could buy in person, but it’s risky and inconvenient. You […]

Blockchain and the Education / Lohkoketju ja koulutus

And what kind of education people will need to understand blockchain first of all they will need education yeah it’s always it’s always about education without education you see what is happening now in the crypto world with these pumps and dumps those people with education are playing with those that are not educated yet so we have […]

Investing Basics: Bitcoin and Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are digital currencies that offer a peer-to-peer payment system that is independent of a bank or credit card company. These cryptocurrencies, or coins, use blockchain technology—which is designed to make transactions of all kinds secure, transparent, and accurate. A blockchain is a record of digital transactions that acts as a public ledger. […]

Basics of Current Economics – Episode 2 – Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

Do you know what this is? Disclaimer number one. What I say may come as a surprise to you. And so I need to assure you that everything I say is completely fact-based. I’m going to put a little pop-up down at the bottom that can take you to all the sources. And disclaimer number two; this is […]

Bitcoin craze hits Iran as US sanctions squeeze weak economy

 TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranians feeling the squeeze from U.S. sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic’s ailing economy are increasingly turning to such digital currencies as Bitcoin to make money, prompting alarm in and out of the country  In Iran, some government officials worry that the energy-hungry process of “mining” Bitcoin is abusing Iran’s system of subsidized electricity; in […]

Blockchain Tech Can Redistribute Power and Erase Borders | Toni Lane Casserly

We live in a distributed Pangaea. I mean we’re all one continent once and what is a border? A border is like someone walking into your house with a can of gas and a gun and setting the can of gas down and looking at you and saying this is my house. And you’re like what? Me and […]

Creating a Cryptocurrency Wallet – Episode 7 – Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

Hey! You are minutes away from having your cryptocurrency wallet, now with which you’ll be free to enter the crypto dimension. Immediately after, you’ll be able to start receiving crypto payments. Now, a quick recap of what wallets are. So a wallet is like a cryptocurrency bank account. Now let’s use email in comparison. They’re very similar. Now, […]

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