Bitcoin’s Low Volatility, Bakkt (Almost a Unicorn), China’s Crypto Rankings | Crypto Markets

Bitcoin is seeing low volatility at the moment and this is, generally speaking, a good thing for crypto. The more the volatility the less it’s able to be used as a store of value. So to see these type of flat movements is, at the end of the day, good thing. Is it fair value by nature? Yes. […]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Price, Support Level, News | Crypto Markets

Hi, I’m Giovanni. And in today’s crypto markets video we are talking to Dan McDermitt from who is going to give his opinion on the markets and do some technical analysis for Bitcoin and several altcoins. Dan, could you please introduce yourself. Sure. My name is Dan McDermitt. I work for and founded the with my […]

Crypto Duel: Breaking Down Bitcoin | Eric Crown & Mati Greenspan

What’s up, everyone? We’ve got something special for you today. Both Mati Greenspan and Eric Crown will be joining me to discuss the current state of the market. Long term predictions and much more. My name is Jackson and welcome to this week’s market predictions. So let’s tackle the big kahuna first – bitcoin. In Monday’s crypto markets, […]

Disrupting the Payments Industry | Inside PumaPay

You don’t come naked and you don’t wear pajamas, you can wear whatever you want. My little sister has a standing desk, but also a biking desk. Oh. 0 volatility and 100% liquidity. This is where everything happens. Hi, guys. I’m Molly Jane from Cointelegraph, and we’re here in the beautiful country of Cyprus to look inside PumaPay. […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Job opportunities with cryptocurrencies

[AUDIENCE] My question is also about your vision for the future, but from a different angle. I’d like to ask if Bitcoin [will] evolve into an ecosystem that everybody can use, that we can all benefit from. In your view, what are the potential job opportunities for people from any walk of life, that could also benefit? Any […]

Impeach Trump With Crypto, Ethereum Fork, McAfee 2020 | Hodler’s Digest

In the U.S, the government is at a stalemate–Trump is still no closer to getting his wall. And in the U.K, Theresa May is even further away from securing a Brexit deal–in short, the world is in turmoil. By contrast, the crypto world has been relatively stable, but nothing lasts forever. Pablo Escobar’s brother wants to impeach Trump […]

Bitcoin Against the Argentine Peso, Kik Sues SEC, Facebook’s Crypto Woes | Hodler’s Digest

Picture this. You’re in Berlin, you’re walking down the street, you see someone dressed like me and you think: “Huh, I wonder what they are up to?” If you guessed spending 3 days watching Bitcoin’s price rise and fall on TradingViews then you would be correct. I’m Molly Jane and this is your weekly Hodler’s Digest. Let’s take […]

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