Bitcoin hashrate- 0 to 100 quintillion in 10 years! Lightning Network Olympus, BTCPay Server, DeFi?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 19th 2019 strong ham puny a unique beasts value your wealth in bitcoin having you’re having hype I’m confiscating all offended by selling in motion your home for bitcoin insider information conviction yeah don’t FOMO on off […]

This week in Bitcoin- 9-20-2019- Rate cuts, Ethereum, Defi, altcoins, IRS, negative rates, Libra

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to this week in bitcoin today is September the 20th 2019 strong can be a unique piece now you’re off the Bitcoin unconfessed a double one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin affected by selling best guest in the space don’t FOMO on all coins oh yeah we’re […]

CRYPTO 玩走資 用美元等值穩定幣 自製年回報達 10% 收入【粵語中字】

HI 大家好 我是小編 好久沒有見到大家 因為近期香港發生了很多讓人不快樂的事 影響了自己心情 因此未有花時間去籌備新的影片 可是自己早前承諾了很多觀眾們 將推出有關的教學 自己有感實在拖了大家太長時間 這幾天終於下定決心 兌現自己的承諾 希望大家多多體諒 講了一大段廢話 是時侯回到今日主題 小編相信今日的影片 會對香港的朋友特別有用 尤其是於最近對於港元信心有動搖 希望將手頭上的港幣換回美元的朋友 因為今日小編的介紹 是無需經過銀行體系 亦都無需到訪銀行 只要你學會接下來小編分享的幾個操作 就可以將港元直接兌換為跟美元掛勾的加密貨幣 你可以將跟美元掛勾的加密貨幣 想像為現實世界中的美元 而且你還可把某種跟美元掛勾的加密貨幣存放在某平台 目前平台存放的年回報約 10 % ( 利率是浮動 ) 變相等於自製了一個有 10% 年回報的美元定期 回報絕對可秒殺所有現時香港銀行體系的美元定期產品 暫時小編尚未見中文區 YOUTUBER 就有關的主題作分享 快人快語 相信大家聽到如此吸引的回報都很心急 心裡面不斷發問如何才可操作 因為小編本身比較懶及怕熱 如你跟小編是同一類人 那你便大可放心 因為小編介紹的方法是無需出門 只要你擁有一個銀行的帳戶 再加一部能夠連上網絡的電腦 便已足夠 推介的方法有兩個 兩個都是小編平常使用 第一個介紹方法會比較進階 (多了一重幣與幣兌換步驟) 第二個方法就相對直接簡單 大家可以了解了兩個方法後 再自行決定 先由比較進階那個的方法開始介紹 […]

CNN goes crypto crazy, Stellar gimmick, Bitcoin defiance vs Ripple compliance, Treasury threat?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 10th 2019 strong AB unique B’s Geiger well the bitcoin having hype one bitcoin equals one big point offended by selling five digit realm your home for bitcoin insider information hello my elite friends you can see […]

What’s the point of the Doge-Ethreum bridge? – Jackson Palmer on Epicenter

For many years people have talked about there being a Doge to Ethereum bridge. What we ended up happening is Vitalik and others actually funded a bounty program. I think Vitalik and a few others through what ended up being, because of the Ether price run up, about a $100,000 or so in bounty, just to create a […]

Li Jun, Founder of Ontology & Da Hongfei, interviewed with PANews (EN/KR Subtitles)

Tongtong: Hello, I am Bi Tongtong, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of PANews. Today we are honored to have Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO, and Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, with us on the show. Would you like to say hello to our audience? Da Hongfei: Hi, I am Da Hongfei. Li Jun: Hello everyone, I am Li Jun. Tongtong: […]

The shifting narratives in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – Jackson Palmer on Epicenter

It’s been a game of shifting narratives. Years ago people were talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as an actual medium of exchange. You know: “This is going to be used to pay at restaurants and pay for food.” The whole medium of exchange thing didn’t happen because scalability was the scapegoat for that. Then that shifted and then […]

Approaches & Activity in Crypto Company Investing [The Exchange #004]

hello everyone welcome to the exchange a podcast powered by a bloom that exposed the institutional landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology I'm a host man Sephora today we are sitting down with a she Thank You ash for joining us he's the principal at accomplice we see previously at consensus ventures and converge we see you're excited […]