Hardware Wallet Hack: Ledger Nano S – f00dbabe

The Ledger Nano S is a Cryptocurrency hardware wallet based on a secure element for storing cryptocurrencies, embedding a screen to check and secure digital payments. And also they have these information sheets where they proudly write: “Did you notice? There is no anti-tampering sticker on this box. A cryptographic mechanism checks the integrity of your Ledger device’s […]

BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis. The next big move!

hello everybody hope you're doing very well welcome back to another cryptocurrency technical analysis livestream tonight's we're yeah we're gonna be going over Bitcoin obviously currently sat at the start of stream nine thousand nine hundred and fifteen we are very very close to 10k tonight and I would love to hit 10k on this stream that would […]

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange – The Volentix Project

the fundamental issue in starting a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is that you need to have people and liquidity when you have customers in a decentralized exchange transactions are matched but customers leave the problem here is a cold start paradox the Valenta 'kz project seeks to reimagine this paradigm users will join Valenta –xx as an ecosystem with […]

BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis. Bitcoin ranges while IEOs pump💸

hello everybody I hope you're all doing very well and welcome back to another cryptocurrency technical analysis we're in today's video I'm gonna be covering this really great Fibonacci channel here on Bitcoin and then I will go over some of the by notes ayios which have been performing very well to say the least over the last […]

Buying cryptocurrency via Pundi X smart device

使用Pundi X POS和Pundi X Pass卡买入加密货币 Pundi X POS可以让消费者在商店里快速使用Pundi X Pass卡购买加密货币 以购买Ether为例,只需要点击购买加密货币并在列表中选择Ether。 例如输入0.05 Ether后会在屏幕上实时显示汇率和价格等信息,这里是3,620,000印尼盾。 点击支付按钮后Pundi X POS会将该价格锁定30秒,顾客可以决定是否购买。 点击支付方式按钮选择使用Pundi X Pass卡进行购买。 Pundi X POS提示进行刷卡操作,刷卡后会实时完成交易。 Pundi X POS的前后两块屏幕交易成功后都会显示成功信息,并且自动打印账单。 小票上包含交易明细和广告服务,买卖加密货币和广告服务都会向全球开发者和币商开放。 怎么查询Pundi X Pass卡的余额 这非常简单,任何时候只需要用Pundi X Pass卡在Pundi X POS上刷一下,即可查询余额等信息。 如何使用电子钱包App绑定Pundi X Pass卡 每一张pundi x pass都有唯一的二维码,并且有一行需要刮开的密码区域。 本次用Pundi-Pundi举例,来尝试绑定Pundi X Pass。 打开加密货币功能,可以按照提示点击添加卡片,然后扫描Pundi X Pass的二维码。 输入卡片背后的安全码(正式版本时安全码将非常复杂) 验证通过后会显示这个Pundi X Pass的所有加密货币余额等信息 点击底部的添加到钱包按钮,就可以完成绑定,以后可以在这个电子钱包中管理你卡片,Pundi X将会开放API支持所有主流电子钱包App。 如何使用已经绑定Pundi X Pass卡的电子钱包购买加密货币 现在,尝试购买Ether通过已经绑定Pundi X Pass的电子钱包。 […]