West Virginia’s Blockchain Voting App

Of all the political surprises we’ve had recently, West Virginia may just have presented us with the biggest one yet. In partnership with Voatz and Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies, the state will release a new mobile voting app based on blockchain technology. The app will only be available to overseas military service folk and their families for now, but, […]

Come Comprare Online Senza Carta Di Credito, Truffa PayPal su Subito.it

Ciao! Se volete comprare qualcosa su un sito di acquisti online come subito.it dovete assolutamente fare attenzione alle truffe. Ce n’è una particolarmente ingegnosa, oggi ve ne parlo [Musica] l’argomento è abbastanza importante, se avete amici che acquistano e comprano su siti come subito.it vi consiglio di condividere questo video con loro perché sicuramente ne trarranno vantaggio. Chiamerò […]

ROKKEX — crypto exchange by cybersecurity specialists

When the world experienced a crypto boom new ways to fund and trade also emerged. Poorly created platforms and shady ideas raised huge amounts of money. All this attracted hackers while customers’ crypto assets were left exposed and vulnerable. Therefore, crypto exchanges suffer from a lack of security, weak scalability, low transparency and zero innovation. Here at Rokkex […]

“Phone Support” Crypto Wallet Scams: Ledger, Trezor, MyEtherWallet

all right so for this episode of crypto scam watch I just wanted to really quickly look at some of the phone support scams that have impacted Leger Trezor and MyEtherWallet and one of them happened just recently as in just a day or two ago and I’ve got some examples of them here so this is a […]

What is Shamir Backup?

Your recovery seed is the key to your digital assets and a vital part of your security. If you lose it, your coins could be lost… forever. But Imagine you could create multiple recovery shares to backup your private keys. And if you lose one of them… nothing happens. Your coins are still safe. Introducing the Shamir Backup! […]

Buy 1 Bitcoin

I wanted to talk today about something I see alot of people having a hard time understanding. And what I’m talking about is the idea that bitcoin is here to stay. Bitcoin has proven its track record. Bitcoin is still at its earlier stage and we are so so so early. And what are you doing reading the […]

Virtual Session: Blockchain Security: An Improvement or a Nightmare?

hello and welcome to this RSA Conference virtual session on blockchain security and improvement or a nightmare I am your host Rena Dobbins of RSA Conference during the session all participants will be in listen-only mode at the close of the presentation we will conduct a question and answer session throughout the presentation if you have a question […]

Coinhive cryptocurrency miner to call it a day – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

[Music] Hi I’m Tony Anscombe and welcome to welivesecurity cybersecurity news. In this week’s news Coinhive, a cryptocurrency mining service that became famous after it began to be used for cryptojacking is now shutting down. In a blog post on Tuesday the German-based operators announced their inBrowser Monero Miner will be discontinued on March 8th. The shutdown is […]

U.S. Banks Are Terrified of Chinese Payment Apps

In China, people use mobile services owned by Alibaba and Tencent to do almost everything. They chat, shop, send money to each other, and even make purchases in physical stores. And the country is becoming cashless. So here’s the scary thing for American finance executives — the banks never get a cut. In fact, many Chinese don’t even […]

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