Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialization (July 17, 2019)

few cybersecurity and insect professionals this is or enforcing with the cybersecurity certification and protection center based here in Silicon Valley where I work the past two decades today I'd like to share with you a valuable training program a specialization program to build foundational skills for those of you who are either just entering the security sector […]

2016-10-19 CERIAS – Usable and Secure Human Authentication

good evening everyone today I'm very happy to my colleague Jeremiah blocky Jeremiah is a theoretical computer scientist who is interested in applying fundamental ideas from computer science to address practical problems in usable privacy and security Jeremiah's research interest span several topics for example developing usable authentication protocols for humans multiple exploring easy ways for humans to […]

CISSP Network Security Protocols – Boot Camp

welcome to network security the information in this video is compiled by isc2 certified instructor sundeep sigil in this video we would focus our discussion on the following PPP pptp l2tp ipv4 IP SEC ipv6 and TLS let us talk about point-to-point protocol PPP is a layer 2 protocol that adds confidentiality integrity and authentication via point-to-point links […]

Threshold Cryptography

hmm so it is my pleasure to introduce our last speaker and start wrapping the head of the research at al grant foundation right before joining before joining around the table was the distinguished research staff member and the manager of the legendary photographic crystals group at IBM the TJ Watson and tal research a focuses on the […]

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