Quantatex LiteCoin (LTC) Technical Trading Daily Report

Welcome to Quantatex analysis. Today we’re actually looking at intraday price action – a pretty interesting day today so far we’re actually looking at LiteCoin as we can see here looking through the course of today. Now the reason why we’re we’re pretty excited about this is as we can see through the course of today fairly stable […]

Big Litecoin News No One Is Talking About! Litecoin to 900!? Mass Adoption

Bank currency I'm your host Jay and today I got a new video for you guys talking about some very good news for the litecoin foundation for the litecoin family for like one community for you know pretty much everything that has to do with like coin if you're into like coin which I feel like like coin […]

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency – How to buy and sell crypto

so you've taken the plunge or you're about to but either way you cannot hold yourself back from the world of crypto anymore you hear about people making massive games driving Lambos on the moon and baris on mars and you want it well today is your lucky day because in this video I'm gonna be going over […]

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