(Crypto) Meet eCoinmerce and their decentralized marketplace

hey what's going on crypto family so today we've got an interview with the co-founder of e-commerce lukla Paulo he's gonna tell us all about the stuff that they're doing over there with their decentralized marketplace of sorts and man it's been a really really hot one so it's like 90-something degrees up there in Seattle you know […]

What Is Blockchain? What Is the Potential of Blockchain?

blockchain is just very exciting technology it's got tremendous amount of potential in a lot of different areas there probably a lot of things that nobody's even thought of yet that blockchain would be perfect for that's what's currently challenging where we're able to find the first use case is speculation having ownership of their digital assets and […]

⎮Algorand⎮Pure Proof Of Stake Blockchain with Crypto Rewards

[Applause] what is going on crypto family suit today we're gonna meet Steve the CEO of Algar and we're gonna hear about you know their blockchain project and how it's different from Bitcoin a theorem and so many other things out there so let's go check out the interview and I'll catch you on the other side what […]

Big Litecoin News No One Is Talking About! Litecoin to 900!? Mass Adoption

Bank currency I'm your host Jay and today I got a new video for you guys talking about some very good news for the litecoin foundation for the litecoin family for like one community for you know pretty much everything that has to do with like coin if you're into like coin which I feel like like coin […]

Kik/Kin VS. SEC! First State Digital Currency! XRP Games! Private Litecoin! Dash Embezzelment!

hello everybody welcome back for another video we'll be having a great time everyone today is a lot of news I want to cover so let's just get right into it there's a lot on regulations related news so let's just start with the most significant one being social media platform kick promises to challenge proposed SEC enforcement […]

Samsung Pay to Use Crypto!? – Enjin NEW Gaming Partner! – New Top 10 Coin: GRAM Telegram Token!

I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution where I talk about everything crypto daily jumping right into the market today crypto green day overall market cap 134 almost 135 billion dollars Bitcoin at 39:57 this is the Bitcoin 4-hour chart Bitcoin has been edging higher and obviously hasn't made a move significant move in quite a […]

⎮Guardian Circle⎮ Emergency services via crypto on Neo Blockchain

[Applause] [Applause] what is going on a crypto family so today we got mark Jeffrey is the CEO and founder of Guardian circle man so pleasure to meet a pleasure to be here thank you awesome in so tell us who you aren't man what you do well Guardian circle is a community emergency response network basically it […]

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