Bitcoin Q&A: Are hardware wallets secure enough?

Mike asks, “Hi Andreas. I store my crypto on a Ledger [hardware wallet].” “Listening to Trace Mayer this week has me concerned that this is not safe enough.” “Trace says that you need Bitcoin Core for network validation, Armory for managing the private keys, the Glacier Protocol for standard operating procedures, and a Purism laptop for hardware.” “What […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Scaling, privacy, and protocol ossification

Andrew asks about Moore’s Law and Bitcoin scaling. “It has been nearly six years since the one megabyte block size debates began.” “If Moore’s law has held true, computational speed and memory capacity should have increased… by a factor of 8x since then.” “Accordingly, do you think decentralization would be compromised by increasing the block size limit… from […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Governance and social attack immunity

Harry asks, “Who are the maintainers of Bitcoin Core?” “Is it possible to know what privileges they each have at any given time?” First of all, let’s disambiguate the term ‘maintainer’ a bit. There is a difference between contributors, committers, and maintainers in an open-source project, [partly] hosted on GitHub in the style that the Bitcoin Core project […]

Picking the Right Blockchain for the Job

Today, I want to talk to you about which blockchain is the “best” blockchain. Are you ready? Let’s ask the audience. Altogether, at the count of three, you shout out which blockchain you think is the best. Three, two, one… [Audience shouts] Fantastic. That is what subjective experience is all about. We all have opinions, but opinions really […]

Top 10 Facts – Reddit

In April of 2005 two American university students named Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman had an idea for a mobile food ordering service called My Mobile Menu. The service would allow you to order food on your phone and thus bypass the need for queues. But this was 2005, before the iPhone and the subsequent smartphone revolution so […]

Crypto-Winter to the North, Crypto-Summer to the South

[Applause] [ANDREAS] Oh my god, everyone came! Three months ago, I had a show in Seattle. It was a big theater with seven hundred seats and I was optimistic, because I have had big shows before. I thought, ‘It is Seattle, [of course they will come].’ Microsoft, Amazon, all these tech companies are there. But in eight weeks, […]

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