Blockchain Basics – Blockchain Structure by University at Buffalo #3

Here is the basic structure of a blockchain. Transaction is the basic element of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Transactions are validated and broadcast. Many transactions form a block. Many box form a chain through a digital data link. Blocks go through a consensus process, to select the next block that will be added to the chain. Chosen block is […]

Blockchain Basics – Blockchain Defined: Bitcoin & Blockchain by University at Buffalo #2

[MUSIC] Welcome to the first course of the blockchain specialization titled blockchain basics. Let’s start by asking ourselves, what is a blockchain? Why should you care about it? Unlike traditional methods, blockchain enables peer to peer transfer of digital assets without any intermediaries. It was a technology originally created to support the famous cryptocurrency, BitCoin. The blockchain by […]


Welcome to Crypto Jargon. In today’s episode: What is a DAPP, DAO, DAC, DAICO, DLT and DIF Seems we are stuck with the letter “D” today, so let’s get started. First, let’s look at the definition of DAPP. which stands for Decentralized Application. an application that is run by many users on a decentralized network on many computers […]

Vinay Gupta, Hexayurt.Capital | Blockchain: Ecology, State and Anarchy

(Music) (Music) (Applause) Vinay: Now my voice is a little weak today because I have a sore throat, so wish me luck. Thank you. Okay So, I want to start with a simple objective. We are in a world where our ability to solve the problems we have is constrained by our ability to innovate. Anybody that’s doing […]

Blockchain Basics – Ethereum Blockchain: Smart Contracts by University at Buffalo #6

Bitcoin blockchain is the mother of all blockchains. It was intended for peer to peer transfer of value and it does that well. Around 2013, a framework for code execution was introduced by Ethereum Founders. The centerpiece and thrust of this Ethereum blockchain is a smart contract. Consider this togged diagram comparing Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. On the […]

BlockChain what and how explained in simple language

Greetings friends! I am Priyatosh welcoming you to your own channel which is Not so tech. Here you will get interesting & technical knowledge in simple to understand words Friends, today’s topic is one such technology which is, in the whole world, changing the ways of transacting just like how internet changed the way information is used, in […]

How Can a Blockchain Be a Monetary System? | DASH School #3

Hello, and welcome back to Dash School, Padawan, I am your teacher, Amanda B Johnson and as a quick recap, what we’ve discussed thus far is in our hypothetical digital ledger of e-Money or hey, our blockchain, the “who” gets to make updates to it are the “miners”. You know, those people with the funny fancy math problem […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Futures markets

[AUDIENCE] Fiat currencies have interest rate markets which reflect the time value of money. What about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Are you aware of interest rate markets for bitcoin? [ANDREAS] Yes, there are interest rate markets for bitcoin. You won’t see them… that often, simply because a lot of them are over-the-counter. But if you are in the […]

How to create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet in 2 steps | Crypto Corner #71

hey everyone this is OJ here coming to you with another episode of crypto Corner: my weekly podcast. This is episode number 71 and today I’m going to show you how to create a Bitcoin paper wallet in just a few seconds, stay tuned. As I said I’m gonna show you how to create a Bitcoin paper wallet […]

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