⚡️2018 predictions for cryptocurrency from Wyre CEO Michael Dunworth

In terms of predictions like it’s obviously impossible to say in this like loopy market but one thing I am really bullish on that a lot of people’s tend to disagree with me is the SEC they will approve an ETF and an ETF is the exchange-traded fund which basically means mums and dads don’t need to go […]

The bitcoin dip & the future of cryptocurrency in the world with Bobby Lee, BTCC CEO 📈

You said that this kind of dip is just par for the course. Yes. How, do you think people are becoming convinced of that? Well no it’s not I don’t know it you know people with experience know that this is par for the course it’s like a roller coaster there’s ups and downs and ups and downs […]

⎮Ark Blockchain⎮Battleship radar, Leaving Lisk, Crypto and more, meet the Co-Founder

what is going on a trip to a family said today we got the co-founder of Ark coming on the channel basically you guys been asking for him so we brought him on he's gonna tell us all about the stuff that they're doing but we learn a lot more more than well more than we do so […]

(Crypto) Meet eCoinmerce and their decentralized marketplace

hey what's going on crypto family so today we've got an interview with the co-founder of e-commerce lukla Paulo he's gonna tell us all about the stuff that they're doing over there with their decentralized marketplace of sorts and man it's been a really really hot one so it's like 90-something degrees up there in Seattle you know […]

⎮Algorand⎮Pure Proof Of Stake Blockchain with Crypto Rewards

[Applause] what is going on crypto family suit today we're gonna meet Steve the CEO of Algar and we're gonna hear about you know their blockchain project and how it's different from Bitcoin a theorem and so many other things out there so let's go check out the interview and I'll catch you on the other side what […]

⎮Guardian Circle⎮ Emergency services via crypto on Neo Blockchain

[Applause] [Applause] what is going on a crypto family so today we got mark Jeffrey is the CEO and founder of Guardian circle man so pleasure to meet a pleasure to be here thank you awesome in so tell us who you aren't man what you do well Guardian circle is a community emergency response network basically it […]

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