Open Blockchain vs Private Blockchain: I don’t believe in BTC: C. Mohan Ph.D

like I said I’m a firm believer in private blockchains and I don’t really believe in personally all this cryptocurrency and associated hoopla because I think there are way too many issues that are non-trivial over there so if anyone is interested they can go look at my videos many of which are on YouTube where I discuss […]

Is Crypto Currency the Future of Money? + Where Bitcoin is Heading in 2018

hey Tim Sykes millionaire mentor and trader here answering your questions a lot of people say Tim where do you see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency going a lot of people say that it’s a scam a lot of people say it’s the future I don’t care I don’t play market guessing games this is the beauty of my strategy […]

Secure Your Crypto With The New Ledger Nano X – Official Review

What is Ledger Nano X and How to Protect your Cryptocurrencies some say that technology is getting too complex that personal data can’t be protected some say that the only safe place is whom that cryptocurrencies aren’t safe we at Ledger believed that your data should be safe everywhere you go that security can coexist with simplicity we […]

Bitcoin Broke Through 5k | Is This Really A BULLRUN?

Quick market update! Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are breaking through new highs since yesterday. The moment BTC broke through 4.2k, it just went on, and reaching 4.8k before it started going sideways again. Now as I speak we are currently testing above 5k levels and see if this could hold up. Unfortunately it’s starting to go downtrend again […]

The Bitcoin Lightning Network Upgrade Explained

Bitcoins lightning Network upgrade Possibly the most pivotal moment in bitcoins history as it attempts to implement an upgrade that will allow global scalability with virtually instantaneous transactions at very low transaction fees Before we get into that let’s provide a bit of context by looking at bitcoins Scaling history see during the past six months Bitcoin has […]

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