Bitcoin é na Foxbit!

Conheci bitcoin, por um acaso, procurando na internet, quase literalmente, joguei “como ganhar dinheiro na internet” e apareceu bitcoin. Dali, conversando na comunidade mesmo tentando entender, foi quando eu tive mais contato com o Guto Schiavon. E aí a gente viu que as plataformas da época eram lentas, não eram transparentes, o suporte era ruim, e a gente […]


what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of information today we’re gonna be looking at the possibility of xrp being better than Bitcoin and ethereal and we’re also going to be looking at 9 bitcoin etf decisions coming tomorrow we’re gonna be covering […]

Sybil Attacks – Blockchain Security

Ein Sybil-Angriff ist eine Sicherheitsbedrohung auf einem Online-System, bei dem eine Person versucht, das Netzwerk zu übernehmen, indem sie mehrere Konten, Knoten (Nodes) oder Computer erstellt. Dies kann so einfach sein wie die Erstellung mehrerer Konten auf sozialen Medien durch eine Person. Aber in der Welt der Kryptowährungen ist ein relevanteres Beispiel, wenn jemand mehrere Knoten in einem […]

What is Cryptocurrency ? Cryptocurrency Explained

Hello Friends Welcome to Cryptotutorial youtube channel Today we will talk about Cryptocurrencies and if you want to understand that what is cryptocurrency When and who cryptocurrency created, What was the purpose of making and who cryptocurrencies provide you benefits? so do watch this video till end because today i’m going to talk about this things. so friends […]

Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange today! – How to use BitExchange Cryptocurrency Exchange script

Welcome to BitExchange a cryptocurrency exchange script that makes buying and selling various cryptocurrencies easier and more reliable. In this support video We will show you how buying works in BitExchange. Start by going to our demo website. You can register for a new account or proceed to test the features with the default login details. Here’s the […]

Analysis of the cryptocurrency market 2019 with the help of the software

This program is for more successful trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. This program is for beginners and experienced traders, for all trading strategies. This program collects all the information from exchange, on all trading pairs and gives it in a table format. The resulting file with data can be opened in any editing program for electronic tables. The table […]

Trust Wallet Explained – The Decentralized Cryptocurrency Wallet

As more people use cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications It’s more important than ever to have a simple and robust way to access them whether you’re interested in investing, making payments, or using dApps, having many solutions for different activities can get very inconvenient very fast. That’s where easy-to-use all-in-one packages like Trust Wallet can help Unlike traditional financial […]

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