New Apex Legends – Crypto Lore Reveal Trailer + Abilites [Reaction]

who is crypto what is he doing in the arena what do we really know about him we’re gonna find out everything in this video let’s hop right into it welcome back warriors to another apex legends video and in today’s video we’re gonna see my live reaction to the forever family crypto lore as well as talk […]

🔥WOAH Bitcoin Surges Past $10,000 | Coming Next: ALTCOIN Season | Much Cryptocurrency News, So Wow!

hello dear friends and welcome back to Kryptos news here where we give you the deets on what is going on in the cryptocurrency space let you guys can make the best decisions for yourself midst a slew of information that constantly comes in in the cryptocurrency space rumors gossip sentiments news right here on Kryptos news daily […]

Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Coinmama Drama, LedgerX Omni, & Much More Daily Crypto News

hello everyone happy Tuesday and welcome back to your favorite show for daily crypto news the oldest live video news show on YouTube for crypto I'm so excited to get into this as usual I mean like as I find more things I think you'll be excited about and might be of interest to you I just cannot […]

Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, BAKKT, Bittrex, Golden Cross, & More Crypto News!

hello everyone and welcome back for your daily fix of cryptocurrency news here we aggregate all of the things that are kind of major going on in crypto daily I'm happy you guys have made it to Friday we're doing a nice early stream here so I want to be the first to welcome you to the last […]