TEZOS Update, Bitcoin ETF NO, THETA good news, Tipping BTC on Twitter

morning Blockchainers it’s us the new kids on the blockchain ash and Lisa the old ball and blockchain good morning everybody welcome to today’s crypto and blockchain show it’s another day on planet earth how we all feeling out there we had a look we woke up to some green this morning yes we have had over the […]

EOS SEC Deep Dive With Cypher Glass / Crypto Daily News / Creator.Eco

welcome New kids followers we’re back the New Kids on the Blockchain , me ash the old ball and blockchain Lisa and yeah we’re back for another week of crypto and blockchain related fun foolery how are we feeling about the market the only thing that’s trading these markets at the moment if you look at it is […]

NANO Blockchain Tech Review 🚀Free Bitcoin Market Analysis & Crypto News Today

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New Kids Token GIVEAWAY / Crypto Poker / Confessions of A Crypto Millionaire

welcome everyone coming in for another crypto Laden show with us the New Kids I’m ash and I am the old ball and blockchain , apparently also known as Lisa and we have a special guest he didn’t want to be on her own this morning so she’s on my lap make Buddy’s sick again he’s got kennel […]

New Kids Token with Creator.eco / 3Commas Update / Crypto News

Welcome blockchainers, block n’ tacklers , you lovely lovely crypto people how are we all this week you may notice there’s a bit of a gap where the old ball and blockchain normally is she’s working very hard on a new documentary series and I’m here working late because tomorrow we’re finishing off our movie so it’s all […]

Ripple XRP & Margin Trading | BTC Today $6359 USD Live Price Analysis | Free Crypto Market News

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Will Bitcoin (BTC) Crash Again?! 😱 Free Crypto Trading Market Analysis & Cryptocurrency News Today

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