Bears Claw Crypto Prices Back While Uncertainty Fills the Air

hey guys keep the markets a dump in unison markets faced extreme volatility and 117 of May as the price of many coins and those derived in value from the previous day's high characters the entire market capitalization of the whole crypto economy is Ruth 226 billion but close to 30 billion I was shaved off the overall […]

[Crypto Today] 5/9 #Blockchain_news #Blockchain #News #Cryptocurrency

welcome to cryptid today I'm Clara yesterday we had a breaking news that hackers stole 7,000 Bitcoin from bi'ness today we have market overview from OSL after checking out today's news chou-heung punk said in an online activity that Venus would actively seek community's help to deal with the theft previously the community suggested that part of the […]

[Crypto Today] 5/8 #Blockchain_news #Blockchain #News #Cryptocurrency

welcome to cryptid today I'm Clara broadcasting live from Seoul we have breaking news today coming from – that – hepta for 7,000 Bitcoin we'll look at the news more in detail hackers stole more than 7,000 Bitcoin from crypto exchange finance finance announced that a large-scale security breach was discovered earlier on May 7th finding that malicious […]